vomiting in children

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6 Month Old Started Solids and Is Projectile Vomiting

My niece started projectile vomiting every time she ate and there was .... Also, some of my children are really good at pulling the wool over one's eyes. ...

Virus Symptoms

Some children vomit with high fevers and others dont. My children act differently when they get the same illness (ear infections, etc), so that's what I'm ...

Projectile Vomiting

Dec 12, 2009 ... Read all 26 responses: "My 5 month old has had been vomiting since day ... They also give it to their children. About 1/4 teaspoon in their ...

Daughter's Gag Reflex

Gagging and vomiting in children can be dangerous because of the possibility for aspiration pneumonia, so it's very important to figure out what's going on ...

Toddler with Continual Vomiting

We made it through the rest of the night with no vomiting and she fell asleep .... Children this age are pretty resiliant. I would just keep an eye out for ...

My 3 Week Old Infant Is Vomiting Yellow Bile...

He & I were both sick enough to end up at the ER Primary Children's Hospital. While in the hospital, the doctors & nurses told me that my son's vomit was ...

When to Take a Child to the Emergency Room?

Jun 28, 2009 ... You know your children better than anyone else...if your gut says ER, then go. As far as vomiting is concerned, I would say it depends on ...

Vomiting with Strep

They have probiotics that are specifically for young children. Give the probiotic between ... Strep can definitely cause vomiting, but so can Augmentin. ...

My Ten Month Old Keeps Vomiting! Help!

Read all 9 responses: "About one week ago my daughter started to vomit. ... I have seen several children do this for a number of reasons. ...

14 Month Old Vomiting for a Week

Sep 3, 2009 ... Children are very susceptible to becoming extremely dehydrated in a very ... Again, vomiting for that long of a time will tax her system, ...
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  • threw up bright yellow in 2 answers "My son threw up bright yellow vomit during one illness when he was 10 weeks old."
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