My 3 Week Old Infant Is Vomiting Yellow Bile...

Updated on February 04, 2008
S.D. asks from Iron River, MI
7 answers

I was wondering if anyone has ever had this happen with their infant? I have asked the doctor about it, but because he is having normal bowel movements and enough wet diapers a day, she said it could just be some fluke incident that he'll out grow. The vomit is bright yellow and he only does it about 2-3 times a week. I'm still concerned about it and was wondering if anyone has ever had this problem and what they found out? Thanks!

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answers from Wausau on

My son had GERD too. That could be the case with yours, but the time I remember from when he was really little and he threw up bright yellow bile, it was after he had thrown up everything else in his stomach. It turned out he had an ear infection. Absolutely no other symptoms other than vomiting. If you haven't brought your baby in to see a doctor yet, I would suggest doing that, since they can check for things like ear infections so easily. Even if he has no other symptoms I would still go and have his ears checked out.



answers from Salt Lake City on

My 2yr old started throwing up when she started Enfamil (at 2mos of age). We switched to Good Start and she was fine. (The formula made the vomit look yellow)

My EBF five month old has reflux and spits up ALOT! They gave her Prevacid and she is fine now.

If you think its need to be checked out just take you baby to the Dr. (I had to take my baby to the ER before I could get anyone to listen).



answers from Salt Lake City on

My son threw up bright yellow vomit during one illness when he was 10 weeks old. I remember being very concerned about the color. He & I were both sick enough to end up at the ER Primary Children's Hospital. While in the hospital, the doctors & nurses told me that my son's vomit was bright yellow because the milk was partially digested. I would think that that is what is happening with your son - he is vomiting partially digested milk. I would think that your doctor is probably right - hopefully he will outgrow it. But if it continues, I would ask about possible reflux - which is easily treated.



answers from Benton Harbor on

Keep a record of how often it happens and if it accompanied by crying, squirming, etc. that would indicate pain. Also keep a lookout for anything else that may seem benign but could be associated. Keep mentioning it to the doc, especially if it gets worse.



answers from Milwaukee on

My son had GERD (acid reflux) and we got a second opinion going to a gastroenterologist at Children's Hospital in WI. I'm not sure if you have that option- or if you could even call to just talk with a nurse?? They are really good there just talking you through things!
My son was older when he spit up yellow every now and then but they did a test (as it is not normal to throw up stomache bile and could be a bigger prob)- they were checking to make sure his stomach wasn't knotting. Also I believe they looked to see if his esophagus was working properly- keeping things down.
In hind sight all of this was too much and not nec. since he only did it once or twice- but we just felt horrible about the "what if". BUT to me it seems that you should get a second opinion because it is happening so often.



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I am a board certified pediatrician and have been so for 35 years. "Bile" tends to be more green but clearly this a situation that must be evaluated by your child's pediatrician. There are multiple factors, e.g. breast or formula (and if so, which one??), jaundiced, full-term or preemie, color of stools and urine, etc.?? Please have your child seen as soon as possible. And maybe bring along a sam-ple of a dirty diaper and this yellow spit-up for him/her to see. Best of luck


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