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Party Boat on Lake Travis

S.M. asks from Austin

We've been invited to do a party boat on Lake Travis. Has anyone done this with a three year old? At what age would you take your kids to do this?


Safe to Take a 4Month Old Out on a Lake, in a Boat????

M.P. asks from Providence

I say no, my husband says yes. The pediatrician said no because the baby is too young for sunscreen, and because the jerking/bobbing motion isnt good for a baby witho...


Swimming & Boating with Baby

A.M. asks from Chicago

My family & I have a lake house in WI and spend a lot of time at the beach & pontoon boating. How can I keep my baby safe from the sun and on a boat during the summe...


Flooding - People Are Sooooooooo..............

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Oh my word - STOOOOOPID!!! This is vent as well as a question.... Here in Northern Virginia - we have been hit but a TON of rain over the last few days....I had a ...


Life Jackets for Infants and How Young Is Really Safe for Boating?

L.B. asks from Milwaukee

My husband and I are big boaters and spend a lot of time on the water in the summer. We are also due with our first child in mid-May and I am starting to research Li...


Fun and Safety on 4-Day Boating Trip

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Mamas -- I'm seeking advice from all you water lovers and campers. My extended family is taking a 4-day boating trip (camping at waters edge). Between us we hav...


Husbands 50Th Birthday

C.C. asks from Dallas

My husband is turning 50 soon and I have no idea what to get him. He is the type of person that usually buy's what he want's/needs. He's not big on jewelry or parti...


13Th Birthday

S.K. asks from Dallas

My son is going to be 13 in July. I know that it is still a few months away but I wanted to start planning. I have no idea where or what to do. We have done Planet Pi...


Date Night

C.B. asks from Washington DC

So i was thinking about different date night ideas. Sometimes between working going to school and having a child/ children you loose time for yourself, and you signif...


Family Vacation Ideas

M.T. asks from Dallas

My oldest son is about to graduate high school and we would love to take the family on a nice trip. Any ideas for a great location for a family of 6 that is cost effe...

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