tubal ligation failure

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Tubal Ligation

Sep 25, 2009 ... Tubal ligation failure is actually quite common, though it does depend on they type of tubal ligation you had preformed. ...

To Tubal Ligation or to Not?

I had a tubal ligation 6 years ago after my third was born. ... the main one being that the failure rate is significantly higher when done after delivery ...

Tubal Ligation

I had a tubal ligation after my 3rd baby. I had a c-section and they did it while I was already ..... tubal ligation failure rate · tubal ligation failure ...

Tubal Ligation

some reason in 4 answers "I did say I would have a tubal ligation if, ..... hitch step · tubal ligation failure rate · tubal ligation failure ...

Birth Control and Tubes Tied?

Sep 21, 2009 ... Tubal ligation is slightly more effective (just under 1.5% failure rate) than most birth control due to the human element involved in taking ...

Should Test or Not?

... but if you are you should ask your doc for an early ultrasound since the risk of a tubal pregnancy is greater after a tubal ligation failure. ...

Get Tubes Tied or Not???

I had a tubal ligation after my third child. When I woke up, ... it has the same failure rate (1 in 400) as a tubal and/or a vasectomey. ...

Birth Control!

I definitely agree with you about tubal ligation or tube tieing. Plus isn't a fairly expensive major procedure? Go ahead and investigate the others. ...

Thinking of Getting the IUD

It has the same failure rate as a tubal ligation. - You can have sex that night (or afternoon, whatever). - The first couple periods are gnarly (cramping ...

Hubby Doesn't Want More, I Do....

... Men have a HUGE Responsibilty to provide for their family and they do not want to feel like a failure ..... My Husband Wants Me to Have a Tubal Ligation ...
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