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Ideas for a Two-year-old's "Car/truck" Birthday Party

Aug 16, 2009 ... So if you could find the plastic cups with cars on them and then pop a toy car in the cup I think that would be plenty. ...

Electronic Toy for 3Yr Old???

I bought my nephew the new Automoblox cars. They are an awesome toy for ages 3-9 ? It's a wooden car that the kids can take apart and put back together so it ...

Road Trip: Infant Fussy in Car Seat

For his 1st b-day my son received a V-tech piano/book type toy that we always keep in the car. He loved it & still likes it (he's almost 2). ...

Car Seat Toys

You clip one or more to the car seat and link some toys to the ends so if she ... There is a toy called a take along arch (It's made by Tiny Love or Sassy) ...

Need Ideas for Great Stocking stuffers(No Candy)

I already have bought several toy's for my 3 yr old because her B-Day is 2 wks ... make minis of both that are really cheap and are great car toys, too! ...

Help! My 2 Year Old Can Get Out of His Car Seat While I'm Driving.

Does he have a favorite blankie / toy, etc? If so, make it his car buddy (or get a new toy for this), but the instant he unbuckles, he looses the toy. ...

Best Toys Out There for a 3 Year Old??

My house has just about every toy out there and not anyone of them has really held ... My boys loved Hot Wheels and built a family car dealership with their ...

Checklist for Traveling with a 10 Month Old

We went to the dollar store and picked up a few new things for our son to play with- a new book, notebook to color, a toy car- that kind of thing. ...

My Baby HATES Car Rides!

... use to check on her a toy for her to bat at hanging from her car seat handle ... hated car rides in 3 answersThe Wiggles music helped my little guy who ...

Car Seat

When mine were riding in the car at a sleepy time, I would put the same musical toy for them to feel comforted, a little bored, and sleep; but for times ...
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