throwing up stomach acid

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Acid Reflux in an Older Child

It caused her to have stomach cramps and then she'd just start throwing up for no apparent reason. At first she was also told that it was Acid Reflux. ...

Infant with Acid Reflux

It wasn't from his acid reflux. He now doesn't throw up one bit! I feel your frustration and your concerns. .... acid number · throwing up stomach acid ...

Acid Reflux

My daughter is 4 1/2 weeks old and I believe she has acid reflux. ... meaning that he wasn't having gas pains and stomach problems. ... She still kept on throwing up. The doctor then recommended I change her milk and see which one ...

Acid Reflux in Newborn/ Projectile Vomitting

Neither of these medications will stop the throwing up - just neutralize the acid so his little tummy and esophagus aren't irritated by the stomach contents ...

5 Month Old Still Spitting up Frequently...

She smells like stomach acid all the time b/c just as soon as I clean her up, ..... The mess of throwing up all the time is a pain....believe me, I know. ...

Spitting up....still

stomach acid in 2 answers "... need to be concerned about his esophagus being ... Spitting up and throwing up means his digestion isn't working properly. ...

Use of Zantac in Infants

She was throwing up sometimes and even spit up some stomach acid a couple of times. I have seen a difference. But if you are unsure about the medication ...

Need Help with Acid Reflux

I seriously doubt she has acid reflux. If she does she would throw up more then just .... Her stomach is probably not much bigger than a quarter right now. ...

Problem with reflux....need Advice!!

May 15, 2009 ... Without stomach acid, your child can't digest anything. .... All 3 of my children continued to throw up until they were old enough for ...

"Frequent Spitting Up"

Also I know this is wierd but, my son has started sometimes just throwing up everything he eats(he is 11 months old)and I was told it may be stomach acid so ...
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