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Updated on October 15, 2010
M.P. asks from Spokane, WA
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My request is twofold. First and foremost is my concern that my 12 month old son is still spitting up. "Spitting up" of course is putting it lightly. He has obviously doing it since birth, and we tried all the formulas and settled on the lesser of evils. He still spit up quite a bit but the doc wasn't and isn't concerned because he is still growing beautifully and it doesn't appear to bother him (my son). When it was formula it was gross but comes with territory (right?) but now that he is on all table foods and being switched to milk it smells like vomit (which duh, it is) and it is really getting to me. He walks now and will "spit up" then walk to another location while I'm cleaning up and do it again. Some days I want to cry. I'm embarrassed, we are really clean people but our house smells like vomit and sometimes it makes me ill.

So my question is, does anyone else have this issue with a child the same age or older than my son and please tell me it went away. Also, how can I clean things up so they don't smell as bad, specifically the carpet and furniture. Please help!

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answers from Seattle on

Ok...So have you given him Zantac or considered he has acid reflux? My son is 1 and spits up worse now he is eating table food and drinking from a cup. Calvin has been on Zantac since he was 4 months old.

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To clean it up, I would try to get out as much as possible with cold water on a damp rag...something like resolve can be used for any carpet staing. Then I would recomend Fabreeze Antimicrobial (the writing on the bottle is orange). You could also try vinegar diluted with water for the odor (but you would smell vinegar for a while). Both have worked for me. One time my son dumped an entire cup of milk (about 10oz) on the floor of my car and it rotted in the hot sun...got under the mat...soaked into everything and didn't dry like i thought it would (because of the floor mat)...smelled worse than vomit. I cleaned it with cold water (just get a rag pretty damp...almost wet) and tried to get out as much as I could...them attacked it with the Fabreeze. I had to reapply the fabreeze a couple of times, but the antimicrobial kind kills the bacteria that cause bad smells, so after about 2 times with it, the smell went completely away. Good luck! (My son used to do the same thing...drove me crazy...it won't last forever)

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answers from Anchorage on

Is he allergic to the milk? It sounds like he may be. I would take him off of that right away and look into getting the nutrients in other ways...Soy milk (though if you have tried all of the formulas he is probably allergic to soy too). Rice milk is another alternative...my best friend had to use that and still does otherwise she would have projectile vomit from her little boy.

If that does not work, I would suggest an allergy screening. My friend's son was not tested until many years later and they found that he was allergic to all kinds of things. It might be easier in the long run to have an idea of what you might need to avoid if things don't settle down. You might look into elimination diets too to help pinpoint the issue.

With regards to the smell... once you have identified the issue, I would have someone come and professionally clean the carpet and furntiture. Baking soda might help in the meantime. However, I resolving that the vomiting is key. Then address the carpet and furniture. I am sure that this also impacts your social life as well. It sounds like this is an everyday occurence and I cannot believe that you have gone on this long...and that the Dr. has not wanted to get to the bottom of it. I might also suggest a naturopath or at least a different Dr.

Best wishes.



answers from Anchorage on

Find a new doctor.

I find it extremely troubling that your current doctor is not at all concerned about constant vomiting in a 1-year-old. Yes, your son is probably fine nutritionally-speaking, but all that stomach acid constantly coming back up is going to destroy the lining of his esophagus. I mean, look at how problematic it is for adults!

I would look for another doctor, and perhaps they can either advise you on a less irritating diet, or they'll prescribe him a low dose antacid. This may not be bothering your son now, but it will in the near future if it continues unchecked. I'd start looking now.

Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

Try mixing it with half water half milk. My nephew is the same way and with the heat lately for some reason it makes it alot worse. As far as the smell goes we are still tring to figure that out also.



answers from Buffalo on

My daughter had a test called a Scintascan. You give half of his/her feeding with a radioactive dye mixed in. They scan her with an xray type machine for 20 to check for reflux. Then you fee the rest of the feeding. Later in the day you go back and they scan for aspiration into the lungs. They just tape an electrode type thing to his/her chest and scan for one more minute. My three month old had this done and they found reflux to be the problem. She now takes Prilosec liquid once a day. So far much better with less spit up.



answers from Seattle on

It looks as though everyone is giving you great advice on needing to obtain a second medical opinion for your little guy, so I'll focus on the smell issue for you!

One of my year old twins has been a little vomit producer, so I have tremendous sympathy for your situation. My husband used to say that he was waiting for my son's head to spin around (al la Exorcist) because the vomitting was so bad. (While laying down, he could vomit with enough force that his vomit would completely fly over his twin brother without touching his twin.) The vomitting started getting better as soon as he started walking (this was almost four months ago). The longer he was walking, the less he vomits. Now that he's walking almost exclusively, the vomitting has almost stopped.

Here's what I do: Mix one part white vinegar to three parts water and use this on any odor causing mess. (Everything from vomit to cat urine.) It does a great job neutralizing the smell and it doesn't stain, discolor or damage the fabric. It's also not a problem if your son touches or licks it before it's dry because it's designed to be ingested - unlike chemical cleaners. Don't saturate the area to be cleaned; otherwise your house will smell strongly of vinegar. Once you clean the spot with the vingear solution, you can go over the spot with whatever cleaner you usually use if the vinegar smell is too strong or really bothers you.

It'll take a little while to get the smell out of your house, but I really like the new Febreeze dual air freshners. Also, I like to spray Febreeze on my carpet, curtains and furniture when they are dry. It helps!



answers from Seattle on

It sounds like your son has acid reflux. I went throught that with my son until he was around 2. His Doctor put him on medication for it (omeprozol - not sure if it is spelled correctly) When he did start table foods, he did gagg very easily and so I was cleaning up and had to watch what he did eat. Who is your childs doctor? If you are not happy with what they say, take him to some place else. I know that I would. I know that the acid when he "spits up" can be very harsh on the throat. I also have been told that it is more a problem with boys then with girls, not sure why.
Best of luck to you



answers from Anchorage on

Unfortunatly, I can't help you with the spitting up problem, but I do agree with the others that you should check out a new docter. However, having potty trained two housedogs, I can DEFINITLY give you some suggestions for getting out smells. I don't think there is a cleaning product out there I haven't used. We like the febreeze air fresheners that you plug into the wall. I like the kind that are called fresh rain or clean linen or something because if you get to floral than it just makes the smell worse. I have used oxy clean dual action and that works well to get spots out. Resolve also works well. You might also try Nature's Miracle. It is sold at pet supply stores. I realize that you aren't having animal issues, but after cleaning up stains made by my toddler and stains made by my dogs. The dogs smells and stains are definitly harder to get rid of so if any product can take care of those, I imagine it would work just as well on the vomit. And the nice thing about Nature's Miracle is that it is natural (I'm pretty sure) so you don't have to worry about loading your house up with toxins. Oxy also makes a pod scrubber thing that gets spots out pretty well. The other thing I like for smells is this powder that I believe armand hammer makes. You just sprinkle it on the carpet and vaccuum it up. It doesn't really do anything for spots but it does help with smell. You just have to be careful not to use to much or it will clog the vaccuum. Good Luck!



answers from Seattle on

I think the other moms are right. You need to get a new doctor, or at least another opinion. These days it is important to be proactive when it comes to decisions regarding your child's health, sometimes even on the verge of being pushy. I wouldn't always just take the doctor's word for it - a mother's intuition can be more telling than a "diagnosis" or lack thereof, and you really need to get to the bottom of the problem. This is not something you should just pass off as being "normal." Good luck to you.



answers from Seattle on

Spitting up and throwing up means his digestion isn't working properly. It also means he's not getting all the nutrition he needs. If he's been on antibiotics, make sure he's eating a lot of yogurt, or taking probiotics (live digestive cultures). I would take the child to a specialist in gastrointestinal problems - or a Naturopath who does so, or a nutritionist. Either his diet is too high in fat, or he has food allergies. Milk is a BIG allergen. Try cutting it out for 4 days and see what happens. Bread is another one - particularly wheat bread. After the milk, try cutting ALL wheat out for 4 days. You would be surprised how a child can change in 4 days. Often it takes that long to make a difference and get the "toxin" completely out of his body. MD's severly lack in addressing food allergies. They are not aware how damaging this can be mentally and physically for a child. Also, try feeding him some foods such as salads that contain vinegar - you can make homemade dressing with vinegar, olive oil and salt. It's simple, you can add pepper or other herbs as you see fit. Vinegar helps me when I can't digest something and I'm about to throw up. Yes - I'm speaking from experience. I recommend either a good nutritionist who understands digestive problems, or a good naturopath. Maybe his diet is too high in fat? Have him eat LOTS of fresh and uncooked fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies have lots of enzymes that help digestion - the top ones are carrots, celery, and apples. Also, make fresh lemonade from lemons. Lemon Juice can solve LOTS of digestive problems. So can juicing carrots and celery. Camomile tea with peppermint tea (or one or the other) is also great at settling stomachs.

Just to let you know - one daughter is gluten intolerant - if I hand't taken her off gluten she would have been severely retarded mentally. My other daughter throws up after eating fast food (can't handle fat very well), and I've had more than my share of these problems plus I'm gluten AND dairy intolerant. This is a very serious issue and the sooner you address this the better for all of you.

By the way - about cleaning up - I love Amway's LOC cleaner. You may be able to find a distributor in your area. It removes bad smells very well as well as cleaning up and it leaves a nice smell behind. Also Oxyclean takes away lots of smells and stains as well- especially in carpeting and clothing.

God bless!

Let me know how it turns out.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi M.,

It sounds to me like your son has Reflux. Our daughter had it till she was 18 months old. She is almost four & has out-grown it for the most part. Even though he is thriving, you need to be concerned about his esophagus being exposed to that much stomach acid. We had our daughter on liquid Zantac & Raglan. I am NOT big on meds especially for kids, but this was essential for her. You may want to bring this to your Ped's attention. If s/he still doesn't act concerned, it may be time to find a new one.

As for the smell, try carpet cleaners that are made for pet stains & odors. They seem to work best for us when our daughter had any type of accident (including vomit).

Good luck!! Oh, & if you do get some extra baby dust blown your way, toss some at me please! ;o)

Take care!



answers from Seattle on

It sounds like your little one may have a couple of things going on. Acid reflux and a milk protein allergy. My two little ones had these which for them was characterized by "spitting up" or projectile vomiting. The milk protein allergy also made them throw-up in addition to having mucusy BM's/diarrhea. If I were you, I would consult with another pediatrician and express your concerns about the vomiting. Little boy may need some Zantac or something...especially now that he's on whole milk, which may also be a problem and then you will need to change to soy or rice milk.

Another thing that just crossed my mind is a problem that my oldest had around that age. He has an over-active gag reflex and if I even "suggested" something he didn't want to eat he would throw-up. Maybe it could be that? Whatever it is, I think that consulting with a doctor to figure out why baby is still "spitting-up" is the key.

Good luck hon!

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