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2.5-Month-old Teething?

Yes a 2.5 month old could absolutely be teething. Babies can show teething symptoms for a couple of months before a tooth appears. ...


After I read your post I thought to myself ''this is classic teething symptoms.' ' Just because the symptoms have temporarily ceesed does not mean it wasn't ...

Can Teething Cause Diarrhea?

yes maam it can. my one year old is teething, again, and last week she had .... It can cause diarrhea amongst other symptoms. Have you considered giving ...

Signs of Teething for a 2 Month Old?

A., My 9month old starting with teething symptoms at 2 months also. Her first tooth just emerged a couple of weeks ago. She has 4 more ready to burst. ...

Is This What Teething Was like for Your Child?

My son, on the other hand, had all the classic teething symptoms: fever, night- crying, loss of appetite, excessive drooling, diarrhea...the works. ...

Is He Teething??

A child will show symptoms long before you see their teeth. When I took my son to his doctor, I asked if he was teething. He explained there really is no ...

Could He Be Teething Already???

And of course the teething symptoms can go on for months before the tooth actually appears, so it's definitely possible he's teething already. ...


My son started teething with all of the same symptoms at four months old also. It was another 2 months before his first teeth actually came through all the ...

Teething and Sleep Advise

The trouble is... teething starts bad habits that then get reinforced long after the teething symptoms are gone. My little girl never stopped sleeping ...

3 Month Old Teething?

The pediatrician figured she was teething. The symptoms stopped and now at 5 1/2 months have started ... She also got congested with her teething symptoms. ...
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