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5 Year Old with Constant Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck

Even with antibiotic treatment, it can take several months for lymph nodes to return to normal. Some people exhibit almost constant symptoms of ...

2 1/2 Year Old Boy with UTI?

His symptoms do sound like a UTI. When you take the temperature under the arm with a regular ... bladder infection treatment · symptoms of bladder infection ...

14 Month Old Coughing at Night

It is a dry cough and she does not have any other symptoms except for a runny... " ... It was a great bedtime cough treatment. Helpful? ...


Does anybody know of anything to help w/ the symptoms of bronchitis, besides nasal sprays & antibiotics? .... back treatment · treatment symptoms ...

Croup/Acid Reflux

The pediatrician said that if my son ends up with this treatment then it will ... Forgot: Symptoms of acid reflux! Your child is old enough to be able to ...

Hairline Fractures in Arm's and Elbows

Has anyone else ever had this situation and what was the diagnosis and symptoms and the treatment? Thanks for your help. ...

Anyone Else on Mamasource Who Had Fibromyalgia

With all the symptoms Ive had and talking with the doctor Im thinking ... The doctors have not given her much in the way of treatment or relief, ...

Advice on an Under Active Thyroid

My advice to you is to check into homeopathic treatment. I also have thyroid issues, and the natural .... treatment symptoms · symptoms treatment ...

Recomendation for Allergist And/or Pulmonologist in the Bartlett Area

Hard to tell whether its the treatment or the actual asthma symptoms causing the agitation. I would like to start with an allergist but the new asthma ...

Son with Possible Inattentive ADD

Does anyone have any advice about treatment, whether conventional or alternative to help..." ... depression treatment · symptoms treatment ...
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  • swollen lymph nodes in 2 answers "It usually presents as one or more enlarged or swollen lymph nodes under the neck ..."
  • had a hairline fracture in 3 answers "Hi C.!! My son had a hairline fracture to his wrist at 1 1/2 and was put in a cast."
  • local health food store in 2 answers "I would start by going to a local Health Food Store, as they have trained staff who ..."
  • spongia tosta in 2 answers "Yes - we had great experiences with a homeopathic remedy called Spongia Tosta and ..."
  • carol stream in 2 answers "I think it's in Carol Stream."