Updated on March 10, 2008
D.M. asks from Cameron, TX
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Does anybody know of anything to help w/ the symptoms of bronchitis, besides nasal sprays & antibiotics? My daughter has taken a round of zithromax & prednisone & is still miserable. They say the zithromax should continue to help. She had a reaction to a breathing treatment yesterday & lungs still feel full. What can I do to help her get better? Thanx for any advice.

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So What Happened?

Just wanted to thank everyone for answering my request. At this point, my daughter is feeling better. I dont know what helped, but will keep the alternative suggestions & try them in the future & post the results. Thanx again, D.

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Growing up my Grandmother always told me that if you rub vicks vapor rub on the bottom of his or her feet and then put socks right before bed it helps.


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I've had this and walking pneumonia as an adult-very hard to get over and with lingering tireness. It also made me very suceptible to getting it again every spring for years. I don't know if there's some way of her doing this, but with my kids the dr had me hold them facing me with our bodies up against each other, then use your hand to make a cup and solidly pound her back around the area of her lungs working from bottom to top. It may work with her lying down. If it works, she should start coughing right away. The more coughing she does, deep, stomach getting sore coughting, the better. It breaks up the mucus in the lungs making it easier to cough out. The fun part of course is the coughing. If she's doing it effectively, she'll get sore, very sore. I also had mine breathe the steam/moist air as deeply as possible and then cough until their coughs sounded clear instead of raspy.
Good luck!

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I go through this annually, and I usually have chest congestion along with the inflammation. I always take Mucinex - 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening for about 4 days. Drink lots of water, and the medicine will help get all that out of her chest. Of course, you might want to call the nurse first.

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D., There are several natural products that are safe & effective - unlike antibiotics, prescribed & over the counter medications. I use to think herbal stuff couldn't possibly work and was probably a bunch of hoooey taught by quack doctors. However, to my amazement, it works better & quicker than the other and is much safer (no side effects). I do not know your daughter's age, so it is hard to make recommendations. I do know that NAC (N Acetyl Cystene) is excellent for knocking out bronchitis. I would start by going to a local Health Food Store, as they have trained staff who are very knowledgeable & can educate you as to what products do what & are best for someone her age. I'm not sure where you are located, but Tyler & Longview have several places. You can also look things up online & educate yourself. Just Google some alternative medicine & homeopath sites for more information.

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Hello D.,

I have been drinking a nutritional product called limu moui - a brown seaweed. And, I give it to my children, who are 3 and 7. But, I want to share a testimony with you about someone who has been battling with bronchial asthma since the age of 4 years old.

Diane Rogers - "Since I was 4 years old I have had chronic, bronchial asthma. My asthma is triggered by allergens, chemicals, odors, and exercise. The steroids I have taken during my lifetime to breathe has caused osteoperosis (and at my "young" age)! I also have Gastro Esophogial reflux disease that I have had surgery for, but it has worsened in the past couple of years. I began drinking limu late Feb. 2007. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed my reflux wasn't as bad as it had been.....Our early Spring proved that limu was already at work in my body to decrease inflammation caused by spring pollen. Normally, in the Spring I cannot walk outside without a mask, but this past Spring I did not once become ill from allergy induced asthma. It should be noted that this Spring had the highest pollen count in 100 years, with counts above 10,000....Will I ever stop drinking Lim? Not on your life. I used to take so many vitamins that I couldn't get them down at one sitting. Now I only take 2 vitamins daily along with 2 - 4 ounces servings of limu....Remember that limu is only a food, not a medicine and not a cure.... (if you want to see the whole story please email me back) And, if you would like more info on this product called limu moui, go to and if you would like to try it, please use referral number ###-###-####. Good luck!


T. R.



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I would go to and look for some herbs that would help. If shipping is too slow you could just get an idea from there and then head over to your local health food store. We treat primarily with herbs and they work wonders.



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Hi D.:
Humidifiers work great. Also...She can go into the bathroom, and turn the shower on HOT...and just sit in the bathroom...not in the shower, and the steam from the shower will help.



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I had bronchitis for the first time in my life for 2 full months! It was horrible. I finally went to the ER and they gave me Cipro, did chest xrays, and did a breathing treatment there and that was a wonderful relief. They sent me home with a inhaler and it helped me tremendously.

Steam helped too, but not as much as the inhaler and I didn't think the Cipro did a thing.

I hope she feels better soon.



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Try a humidifier in her room.

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