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Tubal Ligation

C.W. answers from State College on February 14, 2009 ... One nice thing about the tubal (at least my doctor did this {Dr Cherry from State College}), ...

529 Plans

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has looked into starting a 529 account for their child's college savings. Since each state offers their own plan, ...

Mother Seeking Advise on Daughter Insisting Boyfriend Go to College with Her

She is scheduled to report to ASU, Arizona State University..." ... College is a HUGE culture shock, so don't expect results overnight. ...

Looking for Reassurance from Mama's Who Have Spotted in Early Pregnancy

Oct 1, 2009 ... A.R. answers from State College on September 30, 2009. I'm 34 weeks right now and had some spotting in the first trimester with this one ...


C.W. answers from State College on February 20, 2009. My son and I fought thrush for 2 months. I did give him Gentian Violet. I was originally told to give ...

Just Wondering If Anyone Can Share More Information on Attachment Parenting

T.M. answers from State College on June 6, 2007. Non-circumcising, Non- vaccinating is NOT part of the definition of Attached Parenting (nor is cloth ...

Baby Name Help

D.W. answers from State College on April 29, 2007. Landon Christopher or Kristopher either way. I've seen both. My nephew spells it with the K. (That is the ...

11 Days Late

S.W. answers from State College on August 29, 2007. I was able to test positive on a home test after just a few days late. It doesn't matter how faint the ...

How to Make a Recruiting Video for a High School Athlete?

Sep 30, 2009 ... She'd love to attend college out-of-state (Utah) and would love a volleyball scholarship to help her pay for it. Her parents have loads of ...

Is Montessori Worth the Hassle?

Although, he prob has student loans in the 6 figures and the community college/ state college graduate either has no debt or very little! ...
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