How to Make a Recruiting Video for a High School Athlete?

Updated on September 29, 2009
S.W. asks from Ogden, UT
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The daughter of our family friends in a senior in high school and a great volleyball player with an outstanding GPA. She'd love to attend college out-of-state (Utah) and would love a volleyball scholarship to help her pay for it. Her parents have loads of footage of her games. How do we go about creating a video a college coach would appreciate and find memorable? Do we hire someone or just do it ourselves? Thanks for any insight into the college sports scholarship topic; this is foreign territory to the adults in her life and we would like to be able to help her well.

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My cousin needed one of these, and as a professional recruiter for 11 years, I was also a bit flummoxed as to what to do. I was happy to find a large selection to look at on you tube. I recommend doing that for ideas and to see what people are doing - pro or amateur. We chose amateur, but never received any feedback and she was not selected. I never got to see the video myself, so I am not sure why. (may not have been the video)
If you google the terms you will also find guidance on how-to's...
Good Luck!



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My husband has a videography business. You can go to his website:



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A good friend of mine has started a company that allows high school athletes to display their footage, grades, awards, etc. online for college recruiters to view. If you are interested go to



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Hi S.:

I went through this process before I went to college as well. I would say the best thing to do is to make a video that has footage from 4 or 5 of her best games over all. Her volleyball coach probablly has kept all her stats and can figure out her best games from this year. College coaches will really only be interested in seeing footage from games she has played in the last two years (jr and sr years). Her high school coach will really be a help in all this for sure. You can do it yourself, but it will be alot of editing involved, so plan on taking the time to do. Otherwise highering someone would be good too. It just depends on weather they want to spend some money or not. Be sure they included her jersey number in a note or on the cover of the tape so the coaches know who they are watching too! Good luck, I hope she get into a great school!



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You can actually make a video yourself. Keep it under 3 minutes and w/out commentary. Include game highlights and try to include both her club and highschool season to show her skill level abilities against different competition. You can purchase video options in which professionals come and record or edit, but you will pay more and to be honest this is just a fraction of the recruiting process.

If she would like to contact me I can give her some ideas or directions on where to go from here. No charge .. Just have her email or call me.

A little background on me:
Played volleyball at the highschool and competitive club level. Received a college scholarship but due to an injury could not continue- however I mentioned this as I have personally been through the process.
Coached at the competitive club volleyball level.
For the past 5 years I have ran college placement events for baseball. Recruit NCAA, NAIA and Juco college coaches for both softball and baseball events. Plus it is my job to understand legislation, college coach recruiting guidelines and proper fits to teach parents and student athletes how to get recruited to the right school.

Coached volleyball at the competitive club level

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