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Desitin Stain

And just FYI oxiclean I have found as a pretty weak stain remover. There is a product out there called totally toddler that toys r us sells that actually ...

Stains on Clothes... from Downy?

It has been years, but it seems I got it out with Shout stain remover. ... I have had Downy stain my clothes before, but I was never able to remove the ...

How Can We Remove Vomit Stains from Carpet?

Read all 20 responses: "My child got sick over the weekend during the night. It was explosive vomit which went everywhere. We have very light colored almost ...

Crayon off Clothes

Sep 6, 2009 ... Rit Super Stain Remover (by the same company that makes the dyes--available at most ... Then you treat the color stain with a stain remover. ...

How Do You Remove Stains from Microfiber Couch?

Read all 11 responses: "We have a microfiber sofa and a two year old. She is always spilling on, drawing on, ans most recently throwing up on our couch.

Lipstick Stains

Many moms like yourself have found this to be a great product for hard to remove stains. You are welcome to contact me for more information on this or other ...

Washing Machine Stains

To remove the current stains, a little spray and wash in a cycle with no liquid softener should do the trick. For the lady with the white t-shirts ... same ...

Best Carpet Cleaning for Pet Stains

Do you have any experience removing pet stains from carpet? ... We use Arm/ Hammer Pet stain remover. I can't remember the actual name of it, but have only ...

Help with Stains on Kids Clothes

Get the stain wet and put some oxyclean on it and scrub it. Also, with shout or any other stain remover, work the product in with a toothbrush or a spoon. ...

How to Get Set in Grease Stains Out?!?!?!

The other stain removers mentioned above may also work; I have never tried them. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...
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  • dawn dishwashing liquid in 2 answers "M., My mom swears by Dawn dishwashing liquid for ALL stains!"
  • bar of ivory soap in 2 answers "Use a bar of ivory soap. I researched this one on the internet that is what I found ..."
  • use dryer sheets in 4 answers "If you use dryer sheets ... I'm not sure what it could be."
  • other stain removers in 2 answers "... a couple of favorite shirts from being thrown out when other stain removers ..."
  • hydrogen peroxide in 2 answers "... to make sure your carpet doesn't lose it's color, but try some hydrogen peroxide ..."