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Stain Removal

I spray it on and let it set for about a half hour and wash as usual. .... I use Spray & Wash Dual Power. It gets pretty much everything out of our clothes. ...

Ugly Rubbermaid Step Stool Needs Decorating

Krylon spray paint- used it on my rubber maid storage lids and it looks great ( that ... Krylon makes a spray paint specifically for plastic. It works great. ...

Stuffed up 4 Mo Old

Try use some saline nasal spray. This helps to loosen everything up in there so that .... We also use spray to soften the mucus. We us Baby Ayr and like it. ...

How Do I Keep Bugs off My Backyard?

Is there something I can buy to spray around to control the problem? ... For mosquitos and other bugs, they also have a yard spray (both of these items I ...

Getting Out Stains

Without a doubt...oxyclean powder or spray. It also depends on the stain and the ... Normally I just spray & leave on for an hour & they never come out. ...

Gifts for 12-14 Year Old Boys Under $20

Rubik's Cube, Axe Spray, Itunes cards, Starbucks Cards, mini skateboards, .... I have a son this age and he and all of his friends love, AXE body spray that ...

What's a Good Sunblock for Toddlers?

They even make a spray on one - so much eaiser for the squirmy kids. ..... I've had great luck with Bullfrog spray-on sunblock. The spray makes it easy to ...

Sour Milk in Car Carpet

Put a cap full in a spray bottle fill the rest with water. ... get a spray bottle and put a couple of capfuls of distilled white vinegar in it and then add ...

Lysol Alternative

I am looking for a natural alternative to lysol disinfectant spray...a spray that is healthier for my family but can disinfect large areas like lysol..."
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  • sol u guard botanical disinfectant in 2 answers "Hi P., I use Sol-U-Guard Botanical® Disinfectant from Melaleuca, it is EPA approved ..."
  • axe body spray in 2 answers "I have a son this age and he and all of his friends love, AXE body spray that you ..."
  • dawn dish soap in 2 answers "I worked in a laundramat and we used a combo of water a squirt of Dawn dish soap and ..."
  • tea tree oil in 3 answers "The products use alternatives like tea tree oil, natural enzymes, baking soda and ..."
  • wash stain stick in 2 answers "I swear by the Spray 'n Wash Stain Stick!"