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Seeking Help with Flooring Installation and Creating a "Bird Room"

D.B. asks from Dallas

Dear Mommas, I am looking for someone (or a company) to provide a variety of services in my home in Flower Mound. I need help w/2 rooms. I need a basic carpet in...



M.S. asks from Washington DC

I am wondering if any of you have had a personal experience with Aphasia? I know this is not exactly the right "board" for this, but I have grown to appreciate ...


Preschool Question

K.H. asks from Phoenix

What do you expect out of your child's preschool? I was fairly happy with my daughter's experience until about 3 months ago. There was some staff turnover and we ha...


Brag Away Momma!

S.G. asks from Oklahoma City

ok so i'm seeing a lot of "need advice" posts, nothing wrong with that, i'd like to take time to brag away about our kiddo's and let the world of mommapedia know how ...


Help...My 3 Year Old Will Not Sleep Soundly Anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.O. asks from Seattle

My 3 1/2 year old daughter started having sleep issues at about 2 years of age. We have always had a good routine and schedule going, but something changed with her a...


Adult ADHD

K.C. asks from Mansfield

OK, so I have been looking into the possibility of my 4 year old having ADHD. In my searches, I have come across several websites talking about adult ADHD and I'm sta...


Need Book Recommendations for Preschooler

A.C. asks from Columbus

Our son (almost 4) is asking a lot of why questions, including "Where do babies come from?" and "Why is the sky blue?", etc. Does anyone have any recommendations o...


Activites for a 2 Year Old

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hey Moms!! My son is turning 2 next month and I am planning his party. We are going to have 4 kids there no older than 3. My son does not walk yet due to health ...


Mother/Son Wedding Dance

C.E. asks from Lubbock

I am trying to find the perfect song for my son and I to dance to at the wedding reception....I don't want to cry like a baby, but yet I want it to be special...Does ...


1St Father's Day Ideas

K.P. asks from Houston

I am in need of ideas for Father's Day Gifts. This will be my husbands 1st father's day and I would love to get him something special. Our son is 9 months old and t...

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