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Quit Smoking

Read all 20 responses: "Hello, This may be an unusal request for a mother, but am seeking some advise on quitting smoking. I am a 32 year old Mom with two ...

Has Anyone Quit Smoking Recently and How Did You Do It?

Read all 20 responses: "Just wondering if anyone has tried to quit smoking. My husband is ready to quit after many many years of smoking.


Read all 7 responses: "I kind of have a problem with my mother in law who smokes . She does not smoke in the house, but her clothes STInK of smoke all the ...

Smoking Advice

Read all 21 responses: "Hi I am now pregnant with my second five months I am still unable to kick the smoking habit....I smoked till about 4 ...

Anyone Want to Share Your "Quit Smoking" Story?

Read all 12 responses: "I am just about ready to stop smoking. Of course, I know how bad it is for me and how gross it is. I don't need anyone telling me ...

My Mom, Step Dad, and Smoking Around the Kids... HELP

Grandaddy is a smoker that began smoking in their house around Christmas. My 6 month old daughter was born 8 weeks early and for all kinds of reason other ...

Quitting Smoking

Read all 27 responses: "I have read a few months ago about a quitting smoking pill that cost about 120.00 a month that was available by prescription.

Stop Smoking in My House!!

Read all 24 responses: "Our roommates will not stop smoking in the house. My baby is due in February and i am really concerned because second hand smoke ...

Advice for Someone Who Is Ready to Quit Smoking!

Read all 8 responses: "After smoking a pack a day for more than 20 years my husband has FINALLY decided he wants to quit smoking!!! I want to help him make ...

Help with Quitting Smoking

Read all 24 responses: "hi everybody my husband is trying to quit smoking. he tried several times before and failled. the smoking is affecting his health ...
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  • most insurances dont cover in 2 answers "it's called chantix very effective most insurances don't cover the cost but you don't ..."
  • quit cold turkey in 5 answers "I quit cold turkey 22 yrs ago, and never looked back!"
  • step up to the plate and tell in 2 answers "your fiance should step up to the plate and tell them no more smoking allowed in the ..."
  • tell them to smoke outside in 2 answers "... you just have to bite the bullet on this one and tell them to smoke outside ..."
  • low birth weight in 5 answers "Not only can it lead to an early term/low birth weight baby, but you could be setting ..."