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J.T. asks from Las Vegas

Ok so when i first met my Husband he would only smoke when he was out with friends drinking. I didnt mind so much, but it did bother me a bit cause my Mother was a hu...



D.B. asks from New York

I kind of have a problem with my mother in law who smokes. She does not smoke in the house, but her clothes STInK of smoke all the time. I am due in about a month a...



L.D. asks from Boston

My SIL is pregnant and having a very hard time quitting. I am trying to help and support her so my question is how many of you smoked while pregnant did you quit, di...


Smoking During Pregnancy

M.K. asks from Cumberland

Have any of you smoked during pregnancy or quit while pregnant? If so, Did you find any problems arise due to this after the baby was born?



T.S. asks from Chicago

Ive smoked since I was 18 years old, Im 25 now. I stopped for the whole 9 months I was pregnant and started up again when my son was only a couple months. Now for t...


Smoking and Pregnancy

L.G. asks from New Orleans

I'm seeking advice for a friend of mine who is about 1 month pregnant. Is it safer to just quit smoking or to just cut back. Will just quiting put too much stress on ...


Smoking Advice

L.C. asks from Jacksonville

Hi I am now pregnant with my second five months I am still unable to kick the smoking habit....I smoked till about 4 months with my son and on and off th...


Quit Smoking

C.Z. asks from Sioux City

With all of the things in life how did you stop smoking. Me and be get to where we dont smoke much and then we come back twicefold. So how did you stop?


Don't Want to Expose My Newborn to Cigarette Smoke; My Mom Is a Smoker

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mamas, I am trying to figure out how to deal with a difficult situation. I recently had a baby, my first and the only grandchild on my side of the family. My ...


RUDE Smokers!

R.. asks from Austin

I don't have a problem with smokers. Heck, both of my parents and my fiance smoke. (he isn't allowed to smoke around me or baby, or in the car... and he has to wash h...