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Sleep Problems in a Preschooler

You may have to sacrifice a few night of sleep for your baby, but in the long ... So no advice..just maybe she has that "sixth" sense so to speak or just a ...

Help! I Need Some Sleep!

You'll sleep better, he'll be a happier, healthier baby. You're developing a sense of reliability and trust... that if he hurts, if he needs you, ...

How to Get 10 Month Old Twins to Sleep Through the Night

Aug 24, 2009 ... Have you considered having both sleep together Common sense says one will wake the other if they are so close together so it makes sense to ...

Please HELP with Sleeping Problem!

... read everthing from the Baby Whisperer to sleep sense and nothing seems to be working Any suggestions I would love for her to start sleeping in her crib ...

Sleeping Habits

Down load "The Sleep Sense Program". She talks about 3 different methods to get you child to sleep. I chose the "stay in the room method" and it really ...

Sleep: Too Much Sleep During the Day? Making Bedtime More Difficult??

I'd push back bedtime myself too so you can sleep in later unless you need her to wake up .... But also at this age, they are having a sense of self... and ...

Sleep Habits of My 7Mth Old

I have a 7 month old breast fed baby girl who has sleep issues. You name it she is doing it. ..... Sleep Sense · baby sleep methods ...

Need Sleep!

Read all 39 responses: "I request sleep! My 5 month old is waking up 3-4 ... She might sense your frustration at night too, which would make her restless. ...
18 Son Will Not Go to Sleep Unless He Is Holding My Ear!!!

I was wondering if any of you have had a child that will not go to sleep unless ..... You do NOT want a 2,3,4, or 5 year old with that sense of entitlement. ...

Early Riser

I also have a wonderful on line book called "The Sleep Sense Program". It's a fantastic book, and it may have some ideas for you. ...
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  • floor next to his crib in 2 answers "I spent countless nights laying on the floor next to his crib with my hand in the ..."
  • sleeps in his own bed in 2 answers "I am not that worried since I know that our oldest now sleeps in his own bed and has ..."
  • transitioned to one nap in 2 answers "My son transitioned to one nap per day at around 12 months and it's worked well for ..."
  • sippy cup with milk in 2 answers "what i did was got her up out of bed and gave her 1/2 a sippy cup with milk and let ..."
  • push back bedtime in 2 answers "... goes back to sleep after being awake for hardly 2 hours. I'd push back bedtime ..."