How to Get 10 Month Old Twins to Sleep Through the Night

Updated on August 25, 2009
C.Y. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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I have a 7 year old and identical 10 month old twin boys. I have let them feed on demand this far and has worked well, Twin A slept though the night for about 2 months, then Twin B took his turn sleeping through the night. Now though, they both wake about every 45 minutes through the night, and will NOT self soothe anymore. (they used to be good at this) The am nap is about 30 minutes and the afternoon nap is about 1 hour or so, I feed them pableum 30 min befor bedtime (8 30pm) then nurse them right before bed. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to get the twins to stay asleep. (they share a room but seperate cribs- so when one fusses he wakes the other)
Thanks for the help

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I have twins too and for many months one would wake the other. It happens now too (they're 16 months) but usually only towards the end of a sleep period. What I think has helped us is a sound machine. My baby nurse bought it right away when the twins first came home from the hospital. You may have read that noise machines can help babies sleep. We bought ours at....I'm know that specialty electronic, guizmo store at malls? It has 5 sounds. We use the white noise. I just bought one for myself too. The twins know when they hear that noise that it is time for sleep. In addition to drowning out each other it helps to drown out other noise too. Good luck.



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I also have twin boys who are now 13 months. One is a very good sleeper during the day and night and the other is not so good. I suggest getting them to sleep longer during the day. The morning nap should be at least an hour. At 10 months they woke up at 7 and went down for first nap at 9 and had at second nap 1 or 2 depending on our day. I would put them down for the night at 7pm. You will have a few long nights of them crying it out but my experience shows it is worth it. I hope that is helpful



answers from San Diego on

I have twin boys as well....maybe try putting them in the same crib. Especially since they are not "self soothing"...I think with twins they can find comfort within eachother. It absolutely worked with my boys.



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Have you considered having both sleep together. Common sense says one will wake the other if they are so close together so it makes sense to separate them. But I've found that my twins slept longer and more comfortably when they knew the other was close by. I guess they remember having the other one close in the womb. Hope that helps.



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Twins and Trips run in our family...but I only have a singleton myself. <grinning> So this is 1.5 hand info of growing up around and being auntie to multiples.

In our fam, the multiples have always shared a bassinet/crib/bed...which gets sworn up and down as the only way they would ever actually sleep for any period of time...although by toddler years they usually start getting "the giggles", by 4ish the kids have usually learned that they have to whisper or speak twin if they want to be able to sleep together. I know not everyone does this...but it's what works in our family.

When they *quit* sharing a bed/room is different for each set & each family. The average age for a bed is 10ish and the average age for a room...well...that ranges. Two of my cousins share a dorm in college, and my uncles all lived together (went to college together, joined the military together, etc.) until they got married. Meanwhile others have split rooms at puberty. Some went on to higher ed or the military together, others went their own paths. Very individualized in EVERY set.


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