similac sensitive vs enfamil gentlease

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Nutramigen Vs. Alimentum

(He is now 7 yrs old) If your little one is allergic or sensitive to lactose it will take up to 14 days to get out ... good start vs gentlease · nutramigen vs alimentum · alimentum vs nutramigen · enfamil nutramigen vs similac alimentum ...


I've tried Similac Sensitive (lactose free), Soy formulas and now we are .... Next question: Similac Vs. Enfamil ... Enfamil Gentlease for a Gassy Baby? ...

Formula Question

And for good digestion, you can go with Similac Sensitive or Similac .... I use the Target brand formula of Enfamil Gentlease. ... Enfamil Vs. Similac ...

Organic Formula?

My 7 week old is currently on Gentlease from Enfamil to supplement but am ... I have a 7 week old and have put her on Similac Sensitive to supplement ...

Spitting up in Preemies

There is a newer formula called Similac Sensitive it is lactose free and .... Oh I used the gentlease from enfamil which also was an inprovment. good luck! ...

Best Formula for Severe Gas and Spit-up?

So then I put him on Similac Sensitive RS and that helped his spit up problem really ... I used Enfamil gentlease with my first son and mylicon gas drops. ...

Formula Issues with New Baby

We tried the Enfamil Gentlease - too harsh for her tummy (lots of gas and big huge bubbles). The dr. recommended..." ... Similac Vs. Enfamil ...

Newborn with Horrible Gas

We had to switch his milk to Similac Sensitive...worked like a charm! ... His Ped. put him on Enfamil Gentlease and that seemed to do better. ..... or reflux and see if her symptoms match at all vs just colic (which is what I thought ...

Need Advice for Baby with Terrible Gas Pains

I ended up using the Similac Sensitive premixed formula. THere was something with the Enfamil that didn't agree with my son. Also, the burping. ...

Tummy Aches

I used the Enfamil gentlease with my daughter, and that helped her gas a .... Try the Similac Sensitive. Similac Sensitive is a milk based formula but is ...
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