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Pain on Right Side

Pain on Right Side. ok mama's...This pain I am having is bearable...just .... Also, my husband has had problems with his leg and the pain is in his back. ...

Ankle & Back Pain

For the past week I have started having pain in my left ankle and left side of my lower back. I'm not sure if they're related but it's really bothering me ...

Lower Back Pain

If the pain shoots down the back of your buttocks and down the legs (usually just one side), then it's called sciatica, which is something (like a bulging ...

Lower Right Back Pain

Is it pain or tightness? I know a lot of times I'll sleep on my side with my leg bent over on the bed and I'll wake up with my back feeling really stiff. ...

What Could Be Wrong with My Back?

This is my 4th pregnancy and I have never felt this kind of pain before, The lower right side of my back is killing me, I mean to the point where I can't ...

Wierd Pain...Don't Want to Overreact

Sep 8, 2009 ... Read all 17 responses: "I have this weird pain under the left side of my rib ... area? if this pain has been going since surgery then you need to go back ...

Any Recomendations for Relief of Recurring Back/sciatic Nerve Pain

My sciatic problems were in the L4/L5 area (middle of your lower back), and the pain shot down my left side, around my hip toward my inner leg, and down my ...

Dealing with Pelvic Pain

Just to be on the safe side, call your OB on Monday, and make an appt. ... side back pain · yoga bag · pelvic floor · pain during pregnancy ...

Weird Ear Problem

Whatever side of my head I am sleeping on, that ear starts hurting in the ... still wake up to the pain & I just straighten myself out & go back to sleep. ...

Gall Bladder or Not? Back for More Advice...

Oct 6, 2009 ... However, I'm in CONSTANT pain in the right side. It seems to be generally in the right side under my ribcage, radiates around to my back and often feels ...
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  • your sciatic nerve in 3 answers "I also think it could be your sciatic nerve."
  • had a lot of pelvic pain in 2 answers "I had a lot of pelvic pain with my last 2 babies."
  • your gastric bypass in 2 answers "I think you should call your gastric bypass dr to explain your symptoms."
  • dont know how to spell in 2 answers "It might also be your sciatic (don't know how to spell it, sorry) nerve being pinched."
  • sacroiliac joint in 2 answers "I was also thinking along the same lines as Brooke, sacroiliac joint."