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When to Try the First Movie

M.M. asks from Norfolk

I've been thinking about trying to take my son to a movie sometime soon. He's a very active child and likes to get up and run around a bit, but he'll sit still if so...


Summer Fun!

J.K. asks from Portland

I am looking for free and or inexpensive things to do for the summer.


When Is a Child Old Enough to Sit Through a Movie?

K.M. asks from Miami

I realize this is probably partly based on the personality of a child. But I thought I'd check with experienced moms and see what they think? My daughter who's 2 ha...


Infant Movie Theatres

A.O. asks from Seattle

Has anyone ever heard of a movie theater that you can take an infant to? They used to have crying rooms or some theaters had special times where moms could bring babi...


Baby-friendly Movie Theaters?

S.G. asks from Seattle

...if there such a thing. I recently moved to the Seattle area from the Midwest. In St Louis, several movie theaters had movie screenings especially for parents of li...


Not So Great Summer So Far.

R. asks from San Antonio

Okay, we have had a pretty rough start to summer so far (stay in hospital followed by stomach virus, etc). So now everyone seems healthy (knock on wood) but I have no...


Seeking Websites for Free or Discounted Summer Activities for Kids

S.S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any websites or other sources that you can recommend regarding free or discounted activities for summer activities with the kids.


At What Age Did Your Chld Start Going to the Movie Theater?

R.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 2.5 and she loves to watch movies and is hooked on Toy Story right now. I'm debating taking her to see the new one but I'm not sure if the excitement ...


Looking for FREE Movies in the Raleigh/Garner Area

S.M. asks from Raleigh

I know that some of the Raleigh movie theaters offer free movies during the day to moms and kids. I can not find any information on them. Does anyone know where I can...


26 Month Old to Toy Story 3D?

J.G. asks from San Antonio

My son has never been to the movie theater. He LOVES Toy Story. He's watched TS1 and 2 probably 10 times each. He normally sits still for about an hour of the movie,...

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