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Endometrial Ablation - Allergic Reaction

The rash was probably an allergic reaction to one of three things. Either it was something they used in the procedure, the Darvocet or the Diflucan. ...

Rash with Exposure to Woodchips

Sep 24, 2009 ... Most other Dr.'s (including Dermatologists) think that every rash is eczema. She is having an allergic reation. The Allergist will be able ...

4.5 Month Old Has Bumpy Rash- Dr Doesn't Know What's Wrong...

Could this be heat rash?? (even though the Dr. said no to that one)....exzema? please help. ... He could be allergic to certain foods or other things. ...

Allergic Reaction

Yesterday my 5 month old had an allergic reaction to something we cannot figure outWe .... allergic rash · rash allergic · red swollen hands and feet ...

Seasonal Allergies and Allergy to Fish

Can someone his age have seasonal allergies and would it be normal to have a slight rash(that's where his allergic reactions first show up). ...

Apple Juice Allergy?

My Daughter is Allergic or Intolerant to Milk. She has also never tolerated Apple Juice it gives her diarrhea and a diaper rash. She can eat applesauce and ...

Penicillin Allergy

My 16 year old has a penicillin allergy that we found out about when she was a baby. Red rash all over her like heat rash only worse. ...

Allergy to Red Dye #40

I am 22yrs old and I am allergic to all numbers of red dye It was really hard growing up but I survived .... rash allergy · rash allergic · allergic rash ...

I Think It's an Allergic Reaction to Carrots

Not sure about the carrots as far as an allergy, but for the bottom here is what I suggest. ... allergy to diaper · diaper rash diarrhea ...

Amoxicillin Rash in 19 Month Old

I have read about an Amoxicillin rash that can happen but does not necessarily mean an allergy exists. The rash has not gotten much better (it's practically ...
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  • allergic to penicillin in 3 answers "Hi K., You might also think this is interesting: I am allergic to penicillin."
  • didnt seem to bother in 2 answers "... up...I remember it being really alarming for me, but it didn't seem to bother ..."
  • sounds like eczema in 2 answers "Hi J., It sounds like eczema."
  • his arms and legs in 2 answers "My son has this too on the back of his arms and legs."
  • label reader in 2 answers "You will become an expert label reader."