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Abnormally High Beta-HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy

One possibility is that your dates are a bit off -- that is, you are more than 6 weeks pregnant. In my case, this seems to have been true -- my current due ...

Accuracy of Conception Date

When I was pregnant with my first I had the same kinda thing. I thought my due date should be January 10 and the Dr was telling me January 30. ...

Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

From what I've been reading I think it's due to the excess weight/pressure of the fetus and pregnancy in general and nothing else. ...

Anyone Have Trouble with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Late Pregnancy?

I had cts with my 3rd baby and now have it with this pregnancy. It has gone away with this pregnancy due to massaging castor oil into my wrists at least at ...

Husband Upset About Pregnancy

maybe you should join ..find your due date club so u can be w/ other moms that are at the same stage of pregnancy that you are..there are a lot ...

Tubal Pregnancy

My first pregnancy resulted in emergency surgery due to being ectopic. It was horrible, with a ton of blood tests every other day for months, ...

Pedicure During Pregnancy?

Pedicure During Pregnancy? Can anyone recommend someplace to get a pedicure during pregancy? I am due next month, and can't reach my toes! ...

Leaking Breasts During Pregnancy

during my 2nd pregnancy, my breasts started leaking at about 5 months along, so i wouldn't worry about it! (my baby was born 3 days after her due date!) ...

Pregnancy After Removal of Mirena IUD?

Well, it took awhiile - 6 months - but I did finally get pregnant and am now 11 weeks along. Our new baby is due in May. Thanks for all the advice. ...

Severe Itching in Pregnancy

My sister is pregnant with her first baby and due in 2 weeks. For the past month she has experienced severe itching from head to toe. ...
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  • pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in 2 answers "... thing as well, I do with all my pregnancies....pregnancy induced carpal tunnel ..."
  • had carpal tunnel in 3 answers "I have not advice for you other than to ask your doctor. I had carpal tunnel after ..."
  • had a mirena iud in 3 answers "I had a Mirena IUD after my first (which we got pregnant with the right away) and ..."
  • mirena iud put in 2 answers "I had the Mirena IUD put in after the birth of my son (who is now 5 yoa) and needed ..."
  • had the mirena iud in 2 answers "I had the Mirena IUD put in after the birth of my son (who is now 5 yoa) and needed ..."