Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

Updated on November 17, 2008
S.S. asks from North Olmsted, OH
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I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I woke up the other morning to find something I've never had before: a small lump near my anus. By the afternoon it became a bit harder and grew to the size of a grape. I had no idea what it was so called my midwife's office and explained to the receptionist. She said it sounds like hemorrhoids and to use Tuck's pads, Prep H, and to take warm baths few times daily. I've been doing that but nothing has helped. It's hard for me to walk only because it's so uncomfortable (itchy and sore). I don't see my midwife until Wednesday and I first noticed this Thursday.

Anyone else experienced hemorrhoids during pregnancy? I've never had them before. I've been doing alot of reading online and am wondering so many things: is it thrombosed, do I need to get it looked at, how can I make it go away, how long until it goes away, will it get worse, what other treatments can I use? From what I've been reading I think it's due to the excess weight/pressure of the fetus and pregnancy in general and nothing else.

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hemorrhoids can very extremely common in pregnancy.

see the doc. they might be able to prescribe some cream for you that is stronger than over the counter stuff, but continue to use the tucks and prep h until then. the sitz bath really helps too.



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Yes I had all those and did all the things your dr recommended. I still have them 10 years after having my last child. But very minor compared to while pregnant. But get bad when constipated or diarrhea. It will get better after your child is born but not right away if you are delivering vaginally.



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Yes, it happened to me around 4 months plus. I thought it was the pepperoni from the pizza I ate. It just plain smarted down there.

I got some Preperation H and used it and the swelling went down. You can try to push the hemmorrhoids up or inside with your finger. Of course, wash you hands afterwards.

Hemmorrhoids in pregnancy are due to the increased blood flow to the uterus. See the Doctor.


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I got the same thing in i would say my 7th month of pregnancy and it didnt go down until after he was born!!! but my doc told me to do a sitz bath 3 times a day or so and use preparation H cream not helped a lot made it comfy to walk lol..



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Been there, done that. Not to minimize it, but you are SOOO lucky that it didn't pop until 37 weeks. I had very bad hemorrhoids for the whole 3rd trimester.

Yes, it will go away after birth, but the stress of labor could very possibly make it worse before better. (Sorry!) I tried just about every over the counter thing available, plus two Rxs, but the only thing that worked was a salve ordered from Herb Lore, 1-877-808-5815 or, click or "ordering" and type "hemorrhoid" into search box.

Good luck!

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