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Potty Training

It always takes longer for them to go poop on the potty but I would switch to training pants (not pull-ups) and they really don't like the poop in their ...

At My Wits End with Potty Training 3.5 Yr Old. Please HELP!!

Read all 5 responses: "I am at my wits end with potty training DD1. ... If she does wet her pants, she either goes to change herself (tons of laundry for me ...

Potty Training at 9 Months

She told me the other day that she is going to start potty training my 9 month old son. I was surprised..." ... baby potty training · potty training pants ...

Potty Training

I have been trying to potty train him. He will go on the potty when I ... Use cloth training pants and sweat pants. These together absorb a lot of urine. ...

Potty Training

She talks about using a schedule to help get your child to go on the potty, and using training pants so you are aware when they potty as soon as they do it. ...

Potty Training with Two Small Children

I started potty training with him at about 2 y/o. However, I have a little girl ... I had to toss them and deal with them having accidents in their pants ...

Help & Advice with Potty Training & Other Behavior Issues

Sep 29, 2009 ... But my husband and I are at our wits-end with potty training our 3 year ... He did great (even going in by himself and pulling his own pants ...

Cloth Training Pants for Boys

I just bought some of the heavy cloth training pants yesterday at Walmart. .... What Are Best Cloth Training Pants for Potty Learning? ...

Potty Training

A switch to cloth diapers or cloth training pants can often make a difference. ... My older daughter showed NO interest in potty training when we started, ...

Need Some Really Good Advice on Potty Training

Dec 17, 2009 ... My daughter started potty training at 18 months. She is now 20 months and most days ..... Next question: Cloth Training Pants Vs. Pull Ups ...
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