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Need Recommendations for Pool Service / Pool School

R.T. asks from Dallas

Hi! My family is moving in a week to a house with a pool (in Flower Mound). Of course, this will be the first pool we have ever had. Can you recommend someone who tea...


Best Breat Pumps and Breast Pads

B.H. asks from Panama City

Good morning, Ladies! I am trying to do research on the best best pumps, both manual and electric. I've heard good reviews about the manual Lansolil but most revi...


How Much to Maintain Swimming Pool?

L.N. asks from Enid

We are looking at purchasing a house with a built in swimming pool. We saw a picture of the house when it was posted early May and the water looked great looks like t...


Pool Company Recommendations?

L.W. asks from Houston

We're interested in having a pool put in our backyard, but we're very new to the area, so we have no idea which pool companies to call. We live in Sugar Land, and we...


Cleaning a Kiddie Pool

A.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter has a tiny pool (the type you blow up)she adores. After putting the water in it only seems to stay clean for 2 days maximum and I have to start all over t...


Pool, Pros and Cons

A.K. asks from Dallas

We are hunting for a home for the first time this weekend, yeah! (Renting for years, five kids later it's about time!) Anyway, I am interested in a home with a po...


How to Keep Kiddie Pool Clean

S.A. asks from Dallas

Hello everybody, We bought an inflatable kiddie pool (the $20 one from Big Lots) and a tarp which we keep on it so we don't have to empty it out everytime. We haven't...


How Much Does It Cost per Month to Maintain a Pool?

S.S. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, we are in the process of buying a house and found a few that we love that have pools. What are we looking at as far as monthly costs to maintain it, or pay...


When Searching for a New Home

C.J. asks from Dallas

did anything in the listing ever make you feel deceived? I'd like to learn from others. for example - we are looking for a new home. We want an in-ground pool and wh...


Sunblock Recommendations

L.T. asks from Pittsburgh

I would like to know what brands of sunblock other moms like to use and the reasons why you like what you use. I am looking for something suitable for little ones - ...

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  • medela double electric pump in 2 answers "by personal experience i would recommend the medela double electric pump."
  • reusable breast pads in 4 answers "I LOVED my reusable breast pads and although bulkier than the disposables I thought ..."
  • disposable breast pads in 4 answers "I got buy one get one for both playtex and lansonil disposable breast pads."
  • medela pump in style in 5 answers "I had a Medela Pump In Style double electric that was used and it was a work horse!"
  • checking the chemical levels in 2 answers "... of time for $200 (pool school as he called it). Checking the chemical levels ..."