Cleaning a Kiddie Pool

Updated on June 06, 2008
A.C. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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My daughter has a tiny pool (the type you blow up)she adores. After putting the water in it only seems to stay clean for 2 days maximum and I have to start all over to keep slime from building up on the floor. Any tips on what I can do to make sure I have it really clean and to keep it clean? She recently developed a small abscess and I think it might be due to the pool water (I don't know that- but I suspect)- I want to have a HEALTHY and fun summer!

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So What Happened?

I don't know if her abscess came from the pool or not, but I am not risking anything and will be dumping the pool every time I allow her to use it. I appreciate your advice. I'll soak it in a bleach mixture and rinse it good before allowing her back in- and I won't be allowing her in until her wound is completely healed. Perhaps a drive to a public pool might be safer!

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Seems to me like other people give you right advice. You have to empty it on the day to day basis. Those pools have no pumps and chemicals.... so the water needs to be out after the child is done playing. Put just a little water, not a lot.... this way it is a smaller waste. Good luck



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The best thing is to empty it after every use. I know that sounds like a pain and costly but it is the best way. If you want to wait a day or two I would dump the water after 2 days. Other than putting chemicals in the pool water I do not know of a better way. I hope this helps.



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As much as she loves her pool - shallow water in a kiddie pool is where bacteria is RAMPANT! Empty the pool and dry it thoroughly before each use. It may be a pain, but there really is no other SAFE way to deal with those kind of pools.



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If it is small enough, just empty it and turn it over or on something to dry until the next time.

I also would recommend this being your dd is 13 months for two reasons; don't keep it out and she can't get into it on accident and she is still in the diaper stage.

When we had one, it was too big to flip over. I brushed it with a scrub brush to keep any ick from forming on the bottom and sides and also from making it slippery before I emptied the water; every 2 or 3 days depending on use or weather, by standing on the side and letting the water out. Any more days that that and it you risk stagnant water. Fresh water, fresh chlorine. It was a kiddie pool, not one of those instant up things now and my ds was older and not in diapers, why the bigger pool. The infant pools are small and so just dump them out.

Now if you think something is in the pool already, I would either get a new pool, use clorox spray, or simply let the sun sterilize it, if it can shine on all parts of the pool, no hidden creases or such. Myself, I would just get a new one to be safe.

Now with that said, also practice good pool hygiene. If there has been a bm before swimming, give them a bath or shower off before going swimming...Don't let animals in the pool...hang bathingsuits to dry and keep them clean..don't go in a pool with an open cut and if you get one, put antibiotic ointment or such on it.
Updated...sorry, I forgot about waterproof bandaids

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