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Need Help Planning Birthday Party Menu

If it were me though I'd go with Pizza and make them and arrange the pepperoni ... I think Pizza rolls would be less messy then regular pizza for kids that ...

Best Vegetarian Foods to Serve for a 1Yr. Old's Birthday

Cheese pizza, salad and bread is always a crowd pleaser. I make pizza all the time and both my kids love it. You can top it with anything you like. ...

Ideas on What to Serve 3 Yr Olds at a Birthday Party

We have also had a giant pizza delivered to the park. Have the pizza place ... I think pizza works really well! You can get a variety of toppings to please ...

Picky Eater

I would try making like a veggie pizza made of cheese, veggie, ... Kids tend to love the word Pizza. Another thing you could try is to make it into cool ...

Where to Take the Baseball Team for Celebration

Oct 21, 2009 ... Last year for our sports teams we just went to Cici's pizza - there is pizza ... What about Austin's Park and Pizza, might be a little much for that type of ...

First Birthday Party Ideas?

Papa's Pizza off of 158th in Beaverton is good. They have good pizza and a play ... Papa's pizza would be an option for a Pizza place. They have a seperate ...

Slumber Party Ideas for 11 Year Old

We had pizza for dinner, they had a scavenger hunt (there was one parent tagging ... Oh and PIZZA has always been the choice of food. Well hope this helps. ...

Birthday Party for 5 Year Old Boy Girl Twins

They do serve pizza and salads, but no beer for the grownups! ... Papa's pizza! you'll hear that a lot! But another fun and something new is Space age ...

2 Yr Old Birthday in December

Pizza Planet has rides and a playland for the bigger kids, and the one at Custer and Park ... What about Peter Piper Pizza in Highland Village/Flowermound. ...

Planet Pizza?

Read all 4 responses: "Hi Has anyone been to planet pizza lately? how is your impression ? would you have a birthday party for a 7 year old boy there?"
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  • always a crowd pleaser in 2 answers "Hi M., Chili is almost always a crowd pleaser."
  • had a scavenger hunt in 3 answers "we split in to teams (varing depending on numbers) and had a scavenger hunt at walmart ..."
  • peanut butter and jelly in 2 answers "Uncrustables" peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids."
  • clear plastic plates in 2 answers "I bought those same clear plastic plates and clear plastic forks so they looked very ..."
  • papas pizza in 5 answers "I know people have said it but PAPA's PIZZA!!!!!!!!! We did that for our sons first ..."