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Updated on November 13, 2007
T.P. asks from Theodore, AL
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For our daughter's 4th birthday party, we are having a Little Einteins party. We have tons of activities planned that coordinate with the show: Dance like June, Sing like Annie, Play instruments with Quincey, Make Batons with Leo, etc. The decorations and goody bags are all picked out. BUT, the food has me stumped which is very unusual for me considering my profession.

The cake will be Rocket - this is the only thing I know for sure. I don't want to repeat last year's party which was a butterfly theme with sandwiches, cookies, and chips. Does anyone have any ideas on how to link food to the Little Einsteins theme? The party is in the afternoon right before dinner and the food will be at the end so I wanted something a little better than snack food. I am not afraid to cook. :o)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the great ideas! I loved several of them but in the end I came up with something... Leo's Baton Buffet. I am serving salad (cucumber chunks, cherry tomatoes, black olives, and cheddar chunks) and fruit (orange slices, banana chunks, grapes, and marachino cherries) on bamboo skewers. Also, I am serving mini corn dogs and a snack mix made up or potato stick, cheese curls, and pretzel sticks. On the side, I will have some baby carrots with dip and pickle spears.

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I agree with April. Do a destination theme like Little Einsteins do. That would be fun for the kids.

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I think Pizza rolls would be less messy then regular pizza for kids that age....and then maybe some Jello pudding with some star or musical shaped gummies..if you can't find these..anything kids like would probably son likes those....or for girls spmething else....maybe have an assortment and let them decorate there pudding cup :) And if you are creative some fruit cut to look similiar to a star.



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Don't they usually travel somewhere? Why not plan a menu based upon your travel desination for the party. I know one time they went to Switzerland. Or maybe Italy go with Italian food. Just a thought.



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One of the shows is called 'Rocket Soup'. The Einsteins go around and collect all the ingredients and then mix it together for Rocket. That could be a game with the party kids as soon as the party starts ... like a treasure hunt for some simple ingredients. And then by the end of the party the soup would be ready and they could all eat what they helped make.
No matter what you serve and the games you play, at age 4 the kids will have a great time.

Good Luck,
A. K



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God be praised. Kids always love "ants on a log" celery cut into small pieces (~2") filled with crunchy peanut butter and topped with a line of raisins. It's magic and healthy. Has nothing to do with your theme unless you call it something else. Hope you have a great party........



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That is a tough one. The only thing I could think of would be if you could some how cut watermelon, pineapples some kind of fruit like stars or planets. Maybe even something in the shape of music notes.



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I know that the Einstein mascot I guess you could say is a caterpillar. For my daughter's 2nd birthday we had adorable little caterpillar cupcakes. They were a big hit. If you'd like for me to email you a picture and instructions on what we used to make them, then shoot me an email to [email protected] luck!!



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Wow looks like you have everything planned out very well. It sounds liKe their party is going to be alot of fun. Since you are going with a Little Einteins' theme I was thinking about healthy food maybe carrot sticks, apple slices. Or maybe you can divide the kids into groups and make some home-made pizza's. Maybe the kids can make their own tacos. That could be a fun activity also, a bit messy but lots of fun. It sounds like you have everything else squared away. I hope you guys have fun!!!



answers from Chattanooga on

something spaceship or travel wise would be good. If it were me though I'd go with Pizza and make them and arrange the pepperoni and other toppings to be outer space or something.

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