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Is Daycare a Tax Deduction?

K.D. answers from Phoenix on July 13, 2008. Not ALL of it is a tax deduction. I had about $6000 in daycare expenses last year, but in the end, ...

Looking for Preschools

If I was still staying in The Phoenix area, I'd send my daughter to Bambini ... surprise baby shower · Phoenix daycare · Preschool Years · do preschools ...

In Home Daycare

H.G. answers from Phoenix on August 23, 2006. I would look into child referal resources that's how I found my in home daycare and I love her. Helpful? ...

I Work at a Daycare, My Daughter Goes There as Well. She Is Getting Bit on A

H.G. answers from Phoenix on March 24, 2007. when my daughter was in daycare that is when the biting started from her and from other kids. i'm not sure if ...

Discipline for Home for Child Not Behaving at Daycare

T.D. answers from Phoenix on March 19, 2008. Does she like rewards? You could try a sticker chart--if you are told that she took a nap at daycare, ...

Need Advice - Daycare Gave My Baby Food Without My Consent - Am I Overreacting?

She goes to daycare and I provide her food (all parents do). .... A.D. answers from Phoenix on January 13, 2009. Hi J.! I am also a first time mom and until ...

Infant Daycare in the East Valley Full and Part Time

K.K. answers from Phoenix on August 21, 2009. My name is K. and I have an in home day care in Mesa. This may be out of your preferred area, but if you are ...

Behavior Problems at Daycare

D.J. answers from Phoenix on April 17, 2009. First I would talk to the daycare center about what is happening positive and negative and give them something ...

Looking for Preschool and Daycare

Read all 6 responses: "My daughter turns 4 in April and I need a daycare that ... In Calif, they were called Phoenix Schools, expensive but very academic. ...

Fulltime Nanny for Hire

We just moved to Phoenix and I hate to have to leave her. ... She works in the daycare at her church on Sundays and has 6 years experience as a nanny. ...
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  • tax id number in 5 answers "Basically you just need the tax id number of the person or place that is providing ..."
  • social security number in 2 answers "... as that person is willing to provide you with his/her social security number ..."
  • tax deduction in 3 answers "Yes it is a tax deduction."
  • care tax credit in 2 answers "From what I remember, there is a Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit/Deduction."
  • doing your taxes in 2 answers "When you're doing your taxes, you'll see the section for the child care tax credit."