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Updated on August 04, 2006
V. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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My former nanny Ligia Franco, is looking for fulltime employment in Plano, Frisco or Allen. She is nothing short of the best nanny you could ever have. She took care of my son from 1 mth, now 16 mths and daughter 3. We just moved to Phoenix and I hate to have to leave her.

She is 46 years old, speaks good English and Spanish, she drives, is very energetic and my kids miss her so much. (and so do I) She dressed, bathed, fed dinner, washed clothes, etc. I would really like to find her a good employer, who will treat her well. She will never let you down and will do what you ask her. She owns her own home and has great older children. She works in the daycare at her church on Sundays and has 6 years experience as a nanny. She took a part time position, but was not getting enough hours and is looking for a commitment on both sides.

You can call Ligia directly and/or me for a reference.
Ligia Franco ###-###-####
V. Eaton ###-###-####

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answers from Dallas on

I certainly don't need anybody full time--but realize that is what she is looking for. However, depending on her price, I am looking for somebody for M/W/F for about two to three weeks. Of course, she could leave if/when she found a full time position but if she is looking for work in the mean time--while searching for a full time position, I may be interested.

I am in Plano and have a 2 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I am just starting up a new business and need some time for a few weeks to focus on my business.




answers from St. Louis on

I am interested in some additional information regarding Ligia. I am expecting our first in March and have been searching for a nanny in the Allen area. If you could give me any additional information via email that would be wonderful. Also, do you know if I could contact Ligia via e-mail. Thanks for you assistance.



answers from Dallas on


I own Mom's Best Friend and would love to place :Ligia with one of our families. People who come through our agency expect to pay a little more an hour for a nanny so I am sure we can find her something that will work. If you think she is interested, have her fill out our online application - or perhaps maybe you could help her if needed. Our website is www.mbfagency.com If you have questions, please call me at ###-###-#### ext. 4. Also, I am assuming she is legal to work here as we must have proof of that in order to place her.


K. Winblood



answers from Dallas on

V. - may I ask what she charges - I am looking for someone to nanny my 7 month old son and my daughter who is 2 - my 7 month old son would be full-time (5 days a week) and my daughter would be either 2-3 days a week - you can contact me at [email protected]____.com



answers from Dallas on

Hi - I am very interested in finding out more about Ligia. I would love to find out how much she would get per week. It sounds like she is wonderful. Thanks so much. K.



answers from Phoenix on

Does your nanny want to work in North Phoenix? If so, I could use her!

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