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Diagnosing autism...my Friend Thinks She can...help

Read all 7 responses: "my friend saw a show on pbs and swears my daughter is showing signs of autism...i don't think so, but now i am questioning everything ...

YOU On a Diet

I heard about it from a friend and then saw the program on PBS and it looks good and reasonable, but was curious if anyone was using..."

Advice on Toddler Not Talking Much Yet

Super Y is a great program on PBS, really all the programs on PBS will help. As will being around other children. My son started daycare at 20 months ...

How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

When they do watch TV (rarely) it's PBS or something educational, probably 1/2 ... PBS Kids is not a bad thing to watch. I can't imagine that "Super Why" is ...

What Is Expected Academically from a 2.5 Year Old Child?

We did science experiments at home, read folk tales from other cultures, and when we did watch TV it was PBS and my parents watched Nature and Nova. ...

Intercystial Cystitis

There is no scientific evidence linking diet to IC / PBS, ... How the by- products of tobacco that are excreted in the urine affect IC / PBS is unknown. ...

His First Computer

They play: starfall, noggin, pbs kids, sesame streeet, playhouse disney and a few others that ... Ther eis one with PBS characters and another with Disney. ...

Napping Two Kids

I recorded PBS shows on my DVR and my 2 yo would happily sit and watch them for about the 15-20 minutes it took to get the baby to sleep. ...

Childrens' TV Shows

When she is a little older, stick to the shows on PBS. .... My favorite tv station is PBS Sprout, if you have comcast you would get this channel "on demand " ...

Television - Worst Shows

We actually banned PBS favorite Cailliou for a while because it seemed to increase the ... The best are educational, pbs, animal shows and family films. ...
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