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Patio Furniture

M.S. asks from Salinas

I am hoping to get a good deal on patio furniture now that summer is coming to an end. I am looking for a dining set (table, 6 chairs) and a sofa and table set. In yo...


Looking for Inexpensive New Dining Table and Chairs

B.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies! I am looking for a new dining room table and chairs. We are on a tight budget so I need an idea of places that sell great quality and pretty furniture, b...


Cushioned Patio Furniture- Leave Outside?

J.P. asks from Chicago

I'm interested in getting outdoor furniture for our deck, and am very interested in the chairs/sofas with the outdoor cushions as opposed to a dining set. I'm wonder...


What to Do with Feral Kitten

S.M. asks from Columbus

Last week a scrawny little kitten showed up at my parents' house. My mother was going to ignore it & hope it went away, but my 4 year old convinced her to put out so...


Climbing Toddlers and What to Do?

S.G. asks from Portland

Help my twin daughters (22 months) are climbing everything - onto kitchen chairs to the table then on to their hightchairs! I am afraid they are going to fall and re...


MIL Is a Hoarder

M.W. asks from Chicago

I have no clue how to tactfully handle this situation with my MIL. When you enter her apartment, there is a ton of clutter everywhere you look. Last Saturday, my fa...


Small House, Happy Home

S.H. asks from Kansas City

Article I was reading. What do you all think? Do you think this is true? Or do you think a small home would drive your family crazy? One day, I discovered that a s...


Packing Tricks

Y.C. asks from New York

Good morning ladies, We are moving, YAY!! But, husband is traveling a lot and we (when I say we is more like I)only have 2 months for this move. When we move here...


Cat Adoption?

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Considering getting a cat. I know that certain long haired ones trigger my allergies, but I've been in places with short haired ones, at length, wit...


What Do I Do with This Room?

C.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms - We have lived in our home for a year in June. Long story short, our old house was tiny (1500sq ft) and down in the M-streets and we opted to lease it out ...

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