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Seeking Opinions: Private or Public School (Specifically LR Green)

My suggestion is to get out there and observe schools and ask tons of questions. Talk to the moms dropping their kids off at school or picking them up. ...

Conceiving with a Virus

You observe your mucus at every bathroom trip and chart it at bedtime. ... We are both closely involved (I observe and he asks "How are your observations? ...

Seeking Much Needed Advice

Go in as a helper for the teacher but this will be your chance to observe your daughter and see what is going on. It could be the other kids in the ...

Socialization Skills of My 5 Year Old

I would mix this up with a variety of children, and then you can observe any problems for yourself, seeing what is common from one visit to the next and ...

Problems with Teacher and School!!!! HELP

My suggestion is to go to the school and observe privatly. Watch through windows and ask the principal to observe your son during recess and class time. ...

Behavior Normal for a 10 Year Old??

I would def' observe it in other areas and see if there is a pattern. If not, I agree it's pretty normal. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Yelling at Stuffed Animals

A good daycare should have some sort of window where parents can observe, though . Ask to observe if you're concerned. Hope this helps, ...

My Misbehaving 5 Year Old

His teacher should know the signs...ask her what she thinks after she has a little more time to observe him in the classroom social setting. ...

12 Month Old Is Completely Anti-social

My girl, was shy and the type of individual that, even as a baby, she likes to " observe" first and do her own thing...she is cautious and selective in who ...

Do I Put Him in Early, or Wait?

I am a middle school teacher, and years ago, when observing classrooms I was lucky enough to observe a 1st/2nd grade combo class. Here's a scenario...two ...
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