Conceiving with a Virus

Updated on August 19, 2008
M.B. asks from Matawan, NJ
8 answers

We are hoping to start trying for another baby as soon as possible. In fact, for the past 3 months, I've been trying to track my cycle in order to find when I ovulate. I've been using a couple of different ovulation predictor 'sticks' but I've yet to be successful. I'm hoping for better success this month but my husband is now getting over a cold. Can anyone tell me if we should not try for a baby if my husband is fighting a virus right now.


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answers from New York on

M. - good luck! I can't see why your husband shouldn't be able to conceive, even with the virus.

Just one word of unsolicited advice, should you need it next month - I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd. Both children were conceived fairly quickly (1st month "trying" and 3rd month "trying") using the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. The book taught me how to track my cycles using temperatures and cervical fluid. The most difficult part was remembering to take my temperature every morning, at about the same time, before I got up and moved around.

I think the system works marvelously, but...conceiving isn't as easy for everyone. At the very least, it answered a lot of my questions about my own cycle!



answers from New York on

Your husband having a cold shouldn't be a big deal, unless of course he's not physically up to it and needs to rest a bit. After all, it does take two to make a baby. :-)

As for predicting ovulation, you should check out the book Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It will teach you about tracking fertility signs and then you'll be able to know from your own body's signs when you're going to ovulate rather than spending lots of money on those testing kits that basically tell you AFTER you've already ovulated and it's potentially too late. A quick tip is to check your cervical fluid at least once if not twice a day. Long, stretchy, wet, "egg-white" consistency is what you're looking for-- that will tell you you're in your fertile phase. There's a lot more to it (and the book is great), but that's at least a start.

Good luck!!



answers from New York on

HI M.... a simple cold should be no problem. In fact, my first son was conceived when my husband was feeling awful!! I was ovulating so I said, "C'mon..we have to try." He felt so sick but I made him do it and.... it worked!!
So I say go for it! Good luck:)


answers from Rochester on

Hi M.-
Having a cold/virus is not a problem, although it could be hardest on you having to be patient while be feels miserable.

With regard to knowing when you ovulate, I would highly recommend the Creigton Method!

We have used NFP methods since the beginning of our marriage (12 years) and have been using this method for the past 7 years. All five of our children were "planned" (no "mistakes" or surprises)and because we knew when I started to go into the fertile phase, when it was peak, and when it was the end of the fertile phase, we conceived each time without any problems. You observe your mucus at every bathroom trip and chart it at bedtime. The method is very easy to learn and cost virtually nothing! It is so great to be in touch with and know your body so well.

Another great thing about this method (or any NFP method) is that my husband an I share our fertility. We are both closely involved (I observe and he asks "How are your observations? and charts).

With the charting/method, you know which days are the best days to use for having intercourse. The Creighton Method has certified teachers all over; you probably can find one in your area. They can get you started with charting right away and can be contacted whenever you have questions.

Although I don't have any experience with this or even know if it pertains to you, I have heard that women who come off the pill to get pregnant can have a hard time conceiving right away.

One final note..I am a woman of faith in Christ Jesus, and each time we were ready for another child, we always brought it before the Lord, in prayer. We would pray together as a couple right before anything else "transpired". His will was always done.

I hope this helps. Good luck and may our Lord bless you with the gift of another child!




answers from New York on

Any common virus should not affect conception or a developing fetus,

However certain viruses like
HERPES , Herpes simplex,Herpes Family
( which can cause damage to the nervous system)

Obviously herpes 2 ( the STD)
the doctor would usually suggest a C section for the mother

Herpes 1- Cold sores ect- Not a problem
Herpes simplex also not a problem,

However if you had Chicken pox, or Shingles
this could cause a health risk.

So If your husband has a simple Cold virus go for it

however if its something more serious, I would abstain until it passes.

Best wishes




answers from New York on

i don't know aboutthe virus isue butas for conceiving Iused a website called
good luck!



answers from New York on

well, that's how our 9 year old was conceived. i had a cold, but didn't think twice about it.
mom of 2 girls 14 and 9.
hope this helps.



answers from Buffalo on

a virus like that shouldn't matter...
you have some good responses... i'd just like to add that i use the website (it seems to use the same methods described in the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility, which is also great). The website has a great email "course" you can take and it has charts where you can plug in all your info (predictor strips and basal body temperature - everyone's different, but temping really helped me understand my body a lot better!!)
also, the girls on the TTC message boards on have always been extremely helpful for me, not that these ladies here aren't great, but that board is focused on this topic and is very active too!

my husband and I have been TTC for just about 2 years now (because of a lot of medical complications on my part) so pray your road is much easier!! if you ever have any questions, i'd like to think i've been through enough to know a bit, so don't hesitate to send me a message! :) good luck!!

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