my breast milk is not coming in

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3 Week Old Breast Fed Baby Not Pooping

She also just may have been fussy and gassy unrelated to not pooping. ... When my baby was taking breastmilk, he could go 5-7 days without a poop then it ...

How to Know My Expressed Milk Went Bad?

I had to throw away bags of my breast milk after detecting a strong 'plastic' smell and taste and it did not appear healthy for anyone esp. a newborn. ...

Milk Let down Not Happening

pump! that is what i did when the milk was not coming... i drink a lot of ... My milk always took about a week to come in...with all my kids I had to get ...

Breast Milk Drying Up

Breast Milk Drying Up. My daughter is now 4 months old and I have now gone ..... Skipping meals will decrease your milk supply and make your milk not as ...

Baby Wants Bottle Not Breast

If you are tense and your milk is not coming in fast enough or even perhaps ... not returned to breast. i pumped for over a month before my milk supply went ...

Pumping Breast Milk Exclusively

I had to literally bring him to my breast and shove in half my areola for him to get a latch. ..... Breast Milk Not Coming in Fast Enough! ...

Breastmilk Tastes like Soap

I have just learned that my breastmilk has high levels of lipase. ... I'm not sure if it's the same in this situation, but good luck! Helpful? ...

Can Not Get Baby to Take Formula

My daughter also did not care for formula when she weened herself at 6 months. .... What to Replace Breastmilk with If My Son Doesn't like Cow's Milk? ...

Breastmilk with Upset Stomach

I am wondering if breastmilk is affected when you have an upset stomach. I would hate to thrown out any pumped milk, but do not want to put my healthy 10 ...

Not Producing Enough Milk, Need Help Either with Formula Recommendations, Other

Pump even when milk is not coming out * Nurse frequently - he will help increase your milk supply * Try to help your son stick with the breast by not giving ...
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