my 11 month old has diarrhea

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14 Month Old with Diarrhea

Read all 14 responses: "My 14 month old is allergic to Milk and is Stage 2 soy ... My 20 Month Old Has Diarrhea for 4 Days Now, and Loss of Appetite! ...

My 20 Month Old Has a Stomach Virus and Not Eating or Drinking!

I can tell you everyone is right with sugar comes worse Diarrhea. .... From my experience (Mom of 3, 2 are out on on thier own & a 11 yr old @ home still), ...

7 Month Old with Severe Diarrhea

Hi - I just went through this with my ten month old and my 2 1/2 yr old. .... Make sure you let the doctor know that he has had that many bowel movements. ...

8-Month-old Son Has Had Diarrhea for Almost 7 Weeks

8-Month-old Son Has Had Diarrhea for Almost 7 Weeks. I think the subject line pretty much says it all, but here is more background: On Aug. 24, I took my ...

Diarrhea for 2 1/2 Week

My daughter is 11 months old and has bad diarrhea for 2 1/2 weeks now and still counting. .... 16 Month Old with on Going Diarrehea ...

My Son Has Diarrhea

My 16 month old son has had diarrhea since Monday afternoon. He isn't running a fever nor does he look/act sick. We went to the dr and he said he wasn't too ...

Treating Diarrhea in 9 Mo Old

Read all 21 responses: "Any suggestions to stop my 9 month old's diarrhea? It's been 4 days. ... 11 Month Old Has Had Diarrhea for Almost a Week. HELP! ...

9 Month Old Throwing up During Meals

Read all 11 responses: "My son is 9 months old. He has been a good eater for the most ... This time diarrhea accompanied the illness, but it doesn't always. ...

My 2 Month Old Has Really Loose Stools

My 2 Month Old Has Really Loose Stools. Hello everyone, I'm a new mom of a beautiful 2 month old little girl. .... 15 Mo Old Daughter Has Had Loose Stool / Diarrhea for 4 Weeks · 35 · My Son Is Allergic to Everything.... 11 ...

12 Month Old with a Stomach Bug

Read all 11 responses: "Last weekend was my son's first birthday. ... My husband had it first, then my 9 month old got it and now I have it (and go figure, ...
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