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Crying All the Time!!!

As a mom who has just started her daughter in daycare, I would want to know ... Also look at the time of day. I often get so frazzled by my boy and then ...

My 8 Year Old Is Having Trouble Adjusting to Changes and New Baby

Set aside some me and mommy time with just the two of you to reassure him he is still mommy big guy and ask him how he feel about everthing thats going on. ...

Mommy-and-me Groups in Westchester Co.

My OB has recommended that I enroll in a mommy-and-me group with my infant .... Since this is the first time you are logging in to Mamapedia with Facebook ...

Need a Mommy Group in or near the Woodlands

Read all 8 responses: "I am a stay at home mom to a 3 month old. ... A lot of women that get into Mary Kay do it just for the girl time. ...

Mommy's Day Out - N. Fort Worth/Keller

I'm thinking about putting my almost 15-month-old in a Mommy's Day Out program in the ... The twins (boy/girl-age 3) have a great time and the director and ...

Life After New Baby

Find time to eat well and take a break. Yes it's possible. Put the baby in a play pen, let your son know you are taking mommy time and give your son ...

Breastfeeding and New Teeth

My mom told me when I was a baby I bit her 1 time. She changed the tone of her woice and said, "no". That was it for me. Now, when my son bit me while ...

"Time Out" for 13 Month Old

1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. A.A. answers from Dallas on October 15, 2008. My pedi recommended time ...

My 4Yo Thinks of Me as Her Playmate. HELP!

Sep 28, 2009 ... 1 A clock using postits to showwhen the hand gets here Ill be done or using post its to showmommy time andplay time so she knows when the ...

5 1/2 Year Old Daughter Cries over Everything

And, I think some "mommy time" or mommy dates are in order. With a 3-month old, you're probably coming out of the fog and extreme exhaustion from having a ...
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  • too shall pass in 2 answers "Good luck. This too shall pass!! Probably faster than we want."
  • him to use his words in 2 answers "I tell him to use his words when he starts crying and then ignore his request until ..."
  • uses his words in 2 answers "Make it a point, when this child uses his words to request something, compliment them ..."
  • teeth started coming in 2 answers "... of my girls bit early on, before teeth and then when the teeth started coming ..."
  • set a timer in 3 answers "... been said, but I'll reiterate so you have one more person agreeing. Set a timer ..."