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Melasma Treatments

J.F. asks from Denver

So I have Melasma pretty badly from being pregnant back to back... babies were 16 months apart. I have seen my dermotologist and they have suggested a few different ...


~*~*~* Melasma *~*~*~

I.B. asks from Jacksonville

Has anyone else gotten these blochy spots on their face? I've got some blotchy spots on my face, upper lip & forehead. I had a little when I was pregnant. When I deve...


Calling All Women with Melasma!

D.W. asks from Kansas City

I have an awful large patch on my forehead that has made me cut bangs for the first time since 8th grade. I have tried a few things and even went to the dermotologist...


Melasma "Pregnancy Mask" Treatment

H.L. asks from Rochester

I am wondering what others have used to treat the brown discolorations from pregnancy ~ melasma. My son in now 9 months and the discolorations haven't really faded. ...


**HELP!** Melasma / Mask of Pregnancy

K.S. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas, While pregnant, I developed melasma and have patiently waited for it to fade and disappear. I am tired of caking on makeup to camouflage this and now,...


Skin Troubles: Melasma

D.H. asks from Kansas City

After being on 3+ years of fertility drugs, I have had a lot of trouble with Melasma (mask of pregnancy). It appeared after using Follistim for ~1 year, and got much...


Anyone Out There Have Melasma from Sun Damage?

C.W. asks from Philadelphia

I have been dealing with skin damage called melasma since 2004! Not so great to deal with, I have been to the dermatologist and tried a few creams the next procedure ...


Recommendations for Treating Melasma (Dark Spots on Face)

M.I. asks from New York

Hola Amigas, Since my daughter was born, I've had melasma, large dark discolorations on the cheeks and forehead. I am Latina, and it seems common in our group, alth...


Melasma (Pregnancy Mask)

K.H. asks from Boston

I gave birth to my daughter 11 months ago and have large discolorations on my face, primarily concentrated on my cheeks and under my eyes. I do not recall having them...


Any Great Treatments for Melasma (Blotchy Patches) on Face?

N.D. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know what could possibly be causing darkened patches of skin and how can I fix it? It looks like I have a mustache (I have never had this problem before)...

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