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Advice on 3 1/2 Year Old Behavior Problem

If you were really mad about something (even if it was just as simple as not getting your own way) how would you want the people around you to act? ...

Please Help!! Head Lice

Too bad your husband got mad instead of helping start with the treatment of all the heads of your 3 girls.... Go figure.... Hope this helps. Helpful? ...

Suggestions for Toddler Who Hits Mommy / Daddy & Little Brother

Teaching him what a mad, sad and happy face looked like and also would ... When your feeling upset/angry/frustrated, tell me and I can help you work it out" ...

HELP! My Husband Will Not Stop the Critisim to My Daughters Boyfriend.

Oct 2, 2009 ... It's no time to be your daughters friend or worry about making her mad. Believe me, you think they are not doing anything but it's only a ...

2 Year Old---how to Sleep in Big Boy Bed

Nov 13, 2009 ... Could be that your big boy isn't feeling the same amount of attention or .... He was pretty mad about it at first & cried & threw a fit, ...


It started out with him getting mad about something (being told no) but now he ... talk to your doctor about it. It could be something more and if he is ...

Almost 8 Year Old Doesn't Respect Me, or Other Adults and Is Rude and Fresh

Sep 15, 2009 ... The question is whether your son is consistently challenging you or is it a phase Is he mad about something feeling something is unfair ...

Step-Kids, What Would You do?***REVISED

YOu can get glad in the same pants you were mad in. I would let my husband know that he needs an attitude adjustment and instructions about your role in the ...

Really Hurt Right Now and Not Sure How to Procede

You are AWESOME What a great mom to be that intuned with your son to know ... their own lives because they could not turn to anyone Your son may be mad at ...

Help with Nightmare Wedding

Since the standards seemed to have relaxed now with backyard wedding Hawaiian shirt etc you CAN do your own hair If she gets mad she gets mad But youre ...
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