leg and foot pain

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Seeking a Pediatric Podiatrist

I had chronic leg pain throughout my childhood and teen years. (My left foot is worse.)My parents called it growing pains and fed me aspirin. ...

My Toddler Might Be Having Leg Cramps at Night, Any Suggestions

Read all 9 responses: "My 3 yr old toddler is having leg pain in the middle of the nite. She's not screaming or anything she just tells me and I rub her leg ...

I Dont Know What Is Wrong with My Foot........

Although the pain is in the foot, it is quite possible you have a problem in another muscle in the leg or elsewhere that is causing or contributing to your ...

Toddler Hurt His Leg

His right leg, hip or foot is hurt. At the ER they took 6 x-rays from his hip ..... a child have hip and leg pain and is hard to diagnose in the beginning. ...

14 Month Old with a Leg Turn

I couldn't bear the thought of my two year old in such tremendous pain (to be ... I also used to pull his foot and leg in a way that would straighten it out ...

Help Getting a Splinter Out on Bottom of Foot!!!

My daughter also had a splinter in the bottom of her foot last summer. ... leg and foot pain · teething help · splinter in heel · Bottom Line ...

28 Month Old Limping

Sep 8, 2009 ... I asked her several times throughout the day if her leg or foot hurt .... 4 Yr Old Experiencing Leg Pain with No Injury *Not Growing Pains* ...

Foot Pain -- Anyone Else?

A coworker of mine also complained of foot pain that would be awful first .... leg to provide pressure on different trigger points in your foot can help. ...

7 Year Old Complaining of Leg Pain.

Aug 24, 2009 ... My younger sister complained of leg pain when she was just a bit ... This leg pain is something which my entire family has endured for ...

2 Yr Old Complaining of Knee Pain – Could It Be More than Growing Pain?

When my kids complain of leg pain (daughter #2 had lots of issues with .... flex his foot forward and back and all around...then straighten and bend his leg ...
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