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Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Nephew

Gift card I know are kinda boring to give but not so bad to get b/c you can kinda pick what you want to get w/ always like gift cards to ...

Teacher and Bus Driver Gifts

I'm thrilled when I get coffee shop gift cards. For my children's teachers, I'm writing notes (and having the kids write notes, too), and I'm giving $20 ...

Gift Ideas for Teens

Just to clarify, even though we don't see these kids often, we always get together for the holidays and all the kids get gifts, so it's not really optional. ...

"No Gifts"

Oct 23, 2009 ... It was actually a joint party with 2 other kids and we didn't think it was fair to have parents bring gifts for 3 kids. ...

In-Laws Giving Non-age Appropriate Gifts/bad Behavior

Also as far as them giving my kids gifts I know that it is supposed to be the thought that counts but what about when their literally is NO THOUGHT? ...

Unique Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl

Check out Pottery Barn Kids - personalized gifts online! They are the cutest things - and come wrapped up so neatly! A lot of the things are really not that ...

Birthday Party Gift Giving Etiquette

If I were you, I'd spend less on giving gifts. At birthdays, kids usually get a lot, so plan on spending $10-15. I'd go to Ross for toys, because they're a ...

What About the Kids?

I'd definitely recommend continuing to send the kids cards/gifts. My family went through the same thing when I was young (my dad was "estranged" from some ...

Frugal Christmas

Nov 7, 2009 ... Gifts can be silly, fun or nice. Who ever host the party usually has a few extra silly gifts in case anyone forgets. We place the kids gifts ...

Going Rate for Wedding Gifts?

We are bringing both kids (4.5 and 1) (they were invited) although only the ... that what ever your meal should cost is what you should give as a gift. ...
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