Going Rate for Wedding Gifts?

Updated on October 21, 2008
N.W. asks from Rochester, MI
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My cousin is getting married on Sat. It's been awhile since I've been to a wedding. I know 7 years ago $100 was the going rate for a couple attending. We are bringing both kids (4.5 and 1) (they were invited) although only the other child is being feed. I purchased a nice x-mas ornamement ($25) and was planning on giving them between $100 and $125. Is this the right amount? The wedding is at the Dearborn Inn.


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What I was always told is you figure that what ever your meal should cost is what you should give as a gift...However a few months back I saw this question on Miss Manners or Dear Prude, and the response was...there is no set way to figure and that is a gift not a payment for your dinner or your evening. I would look at it this way: How close are you this person? How much time do you spend with them? and then; How much do you have to impress your family...although it is not necessarily their business you know most families if you are a real scrooge or very generous you are going to hear it from a aunt, uncle, grandparent,etc....

Can you afford the $100 right now? If you are close and it's not to hard on you then that should be good. Also how close is this cousin to your children...

Good luck
Chelle E

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For my husband and I, we usually do $100-$125 (up to $200 for very close family / friends). Since you're also bringing kids, one of whom will be fed, I'd personally go with $125 plus the ornament. However, this is assuming you can afford it and are only asking to make sure you don't look cheap but aren't unnecessarily overly generous. If you can't afford it, give what your budget allows and most people will understand.



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We've attended bunches of functions this year (and hosted a few, too.) Here's what we've been doing:

$50 for graduates (non or distant family)
$100 for graduates (close family)

$100 for weddings (non or distant family)
$200 for weddings (close family)

I know you didn't ask about graduations, but I figured if we were doing $50 for graduations, we had to go at least $100 on the weddings. My step-daughter got married in May and my oldest son graduated in June and that seemed to be about what others were gifting as well. I think you're right on in your thinking and the ornament is a nice, personal extra. Enjoy the day! L.



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I think 100 is a good gift, plus you are giving them something special as well. I think you are right on the money with the amount! Have fun



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Hi N.,

My daughter just got married and you are right on target.

Enjoy the wedding,


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