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10 Year Old Says No One at School Likes Him, Plays with Him , Talks to Him

My child is cute, makes good grades, isnt involved in sports and thinks that why he has no friends. He says he hates himself, his one friend doesnt want ...

I Need a Pediatrician to One Who Will Not Prescribe Antibiotics All the Time

He is one of the best doctors that I have seen in a while. he has had several write-ups in the new media and he goes to the Childrens Museum and does a ...

2 Naps to One

It seems like only one nap is miserable, he is soooo tired by bedtime yet he often refuses to take his 2nd nap. Im just trying to go on a day to day basis ...

Need Experienced Moms Advice Regarding Raw Milk for Infants

I have a cow share and one of my newest herd members has just asked me about how and when to best transition her infant to raw milk.. he is on breastmilk ...

Is He a 2 Year Old or a Chipmunk, Storing Food for the Winter?

Oct 27, 2009 ... And he can store it there for HOURS. One lunch I thought he was done, put him down for nap, went to get him after two hours and he woke up ...

Does Any One Know a Great Hand Surgeon?

He has an office in Richardson (off 190) and Rockwall. One of his associates is also good with hands, Dr. Watamull. I believe they are partners in Regional ...


He needs to learn to soothe himself to sleep again...since you claim he was ok before now. Does he have one of those music machines with lights.....that ...

Closing One Eye to Read?

But his eyes tire of this eventually, and he has to cross his eyes, or close one of them. His depth perception is good. He'll have to wear glasses for ...

First Words?

My son will be one this month also. He doesn't really say any words either. There are times when I think he might be saying Hi or more, but I'm not really ...

Smart Child That Says He Doesn't like to Learn

Oct 15, 2009 ... Does he like one of his classes a lot? Who does he eat with at lunch?) and try to find out if you think he's happy in his social environment ...
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