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Mixing and Applying Texture to Paint....

Just steamed off some wallpaper and the walls really need some texture. I bought a box of the mix-it-yourself with paint and now I am having second thoughts ...

How to texture over wallpaper?

It's not necessary to texture the walls, but the paint will look flat in the ... You can paint over wall paper but you will need to do the same thing and ...

How to Get Wallpaper Glue off of Walls

Wall paper is not fun to get off and that's why people hate wall paper. Just get off as much as you can, and then get a good primer before you paint. ...

Paint Color Opinions.

I can't wait til we get a home and paint some colorful walls, I am so sick of this dark depressing brown atmosphere surrounding me. 1 mom found this helpful ...

How to Paint My Dining Table

As long as you aren't using flat paint you probably won't need a top coat or sealant. .... Have You Tried Painting Panel Walls Before? ...

Opinions on Paint Color with Dark Brown Leather Couches

I would paint the walls a light turquoise and get a couple of cool throw pillows or a throw for the back or arm of the couch, a flower pot or bowl or ...

Washing Walls

I want to wash/disinfect the walls, but I'm not sure what the best way is. I don 't know what kind of paint is on them. I have used a magic eraser on them ...

Smelly Paint

You could try to wash to walls down w/ a nontoxic cleaner. Wear a mask & gloves while washing the walls. If that doesn't work, you might have to paint over ...

Suggestions for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Anway, I did paint my cabinets red. The color was Barn Red by Dutchboy Paint. The walls are yellow but I wish sometimes I painted them in tan. ...

Vaporizor Left Streaks Coming down My Painted Walls...=(

We are not smokers, we used the magic eraser to have it take paint off the walls and leave the finnish weird, Fantastik, 409, Lysol, and Mr. Clean, ...
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  • hot water and dish soap in 2 answers "Just use hot water and Dish soap. Works better than any expensive stuff you can buy ..."
  • texture over wallpaper in 5 answers "I am an interior Designer and woud not texture over wallpaper."
  • texturing over wallpaper in 2 answers "In most peoples eyes it is believed that texturing over wallpaper will be bad ..."
  • wall from top to bottom in 2 answers "... in a bucket with a wash-rag and actually washing the wall from top to bottom."
  • use a paint scrapper in 2 answers "Use a rag or sponge to wet the wall and let it sit and use a paint scrapper or some ..."