Smelly Paint

Updated on February 04, 2009
M.R. asks from Aurora, IL
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My husband recently painted our laundry room with left over paint that we had from a few years ago. It has been over a week and it still smells so strong I can hardly be in there. I assume that it is because the paint was not new. Any suggestions on how to get the smell to go away? BTW, we keep the door open and have had a fan on for days. Thanks.

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Unless you used low VOC paint, that smell you smell is pretty toxic. Be aware if anyone starts developing respiratory symptoms. You could try to wash to walls down w/ a nontoxic cleaner. Wear a mask & gloves while washing the walls. If that doesn't work, you might have to paint over it with a Low VOC paint to seal it in. In the meantime, don't spend any length of time in that room & remove laundry promplty so the fumes don't seep into the clothes which will seep into your skin & be toxic. I do a lot of environmental medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor. If you have any more questions or concerns, call the office at ###-###-####
Dr. A.



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A open bag of charcoal has worked for me or just fill up a bix mixing bowl and top it off. Hope this helps.



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If your paint is a few years old and it smells this much, it could be that your paint has gotten moldy. Paint has to be stored in an area that doesn't have a lot of temperature fluctuation. You may have to repaint a room with "KILZ" (found at any Menards, Home Depot, etc....) Generally, because of that concern, I don't keep ANY paint that is over three years old. You can usually tell when you open up a can, by its smell, if the paint has gone bad - maybe sometimes it is not as noticeable until you work with it. It is not a chance worth taking, especially in a room that will get a lot of temperature/moisture fluctuation anyway.

I did look up on-line and found some information about your concern.

They, too, suggest "KILZ". Years ago, on our old home, I used this product on a cement basement floor because there was some pet odor. It worked great to seal out the bad smells. Good luck!



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Get one of those canned odor absorbers from the hardware store. They work really well!



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The air purifier/ionizer's will get rid of the smell. They are expensive, so, maybe you could borrow one for a few days. I use one & it's great. We have even put it in our cars to get rid of the animal smell that comes with sheep skin seat covers when they are new. Good Luck!

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