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*How to Explain to a 7 Year Old Girl

It took me until I was about 16 but I did finally figure out that my father was just a jerk and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Helpful? ...

How to Deal with Sexual Advances

And I wouldn't even give the jerk the courtesy of a phone call. He doesn't deserve it!! Good luck to you, and be safe! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove ...

How to Make My Daughter Take Responsibility for Her Actions

She might just realize what a jerk she's being and lay off a little too. Good luck! 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

How to Name a Baby?

Naming your son after an uncle (as long as he isn't a jerk!) could be seen as an honor. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Seeking Advice on How to Handle Delicate Situation.

I tried to explain it that we were stretching, but that was just a knee-jerk reaction. I wonder if any other moms have had this happen and how you handled ...

How Much Does Your Husband Help at Home?

Judging from your explanation of his behavior, he's either a big jerk, ... Let's assume he's depressed for some reason & not a jerk, and tell him you guys ...

How to Overcome Fear

You are not a horrible person, you have schooled your children and made a home for the ungreatful jerk, so as far as I am concerned you are Aces Up. ...

How to Stop Baby Biting?

Without even blinking, out of shear knee jerk reaction, I picked up her arm and bit her back. She never bit anyone again! Until I did that, I don't think ...

10 Month Old Head Twitch/jerk When Sleepy and Excited

Read all 9 responses: "This may sound weird and I'm not sure how to describe it but a few days ago while playing in her walker I noticed that my daughters ...

Adult (Technically) Daughter and Boyfriend We Don't Like

(If he truly is a jerk, she will be able to quickly identify that on her own ... Worse case scenario is that he isn't that big of a jerk, but they learn to ...
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  • lawyer and know your rights in 2 answers "Hi N., I desperately hope you have a good lawyer and know your rights and are not ..."
  • get a restraining order in 3 answers "Freeze your joint assets, and if he is threatening you, get a restraining order if ..."
  • let him pick the name in 2 answers "I say let him pick the name, and even if you don't immediately like the name, you ..."
  • do the majority of the housework in 2 answers "... mom works outside of the home, the moms still do the majority of the housework."
  • pepper spray in 3 answers "I beg you to not return to this man's house, with anyone or any pepper spray or tazer ..."