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14 Month Old Daughter Pulls Her Hair Out!

My 14 month old daughter has always soothed herself by stroking her hair. ... will treat them especially in school i am 33 and still suffer from this there ...

Allergic to Hair Dye

All I can say for this issue is to suggest that you go to your beautician or the local beauty supply or beauty school and ask what they recommend that is ...

Sleeping with Wet Hair

She is frequently missing school and sick with soar throats and coughs. My husband doesn't see any correlation between the wet hair and getting sick. ...

13-Month Old Pulling Out Hair

My daughter also pulls her hair while she sucking her thumb. I had to figure out why she sucked her thumb (bored, learning something new at school, tired, ...

Need Help Fixing My Hair Color!

I thought I'd try to save a little $, so I colored my own hair. ... another job and school in the afternoon- her schedule is difficult but she is very good! ...

8 Year Old Daughter Is Losing Alot of Hair

Aug 4, 2009 ... Does she lose more hair during a certain time each month? Is she eating and sleeping properly? What else is going on at home, school, etc. ...

Looking for Hair Color in the Roswell/Alpharetta Area

I have heard from others that it is pretty normal for beauty school salons to take this long. These stylist are just learning to cut and color and it takes ...

Head Lice Treatments

Lice enjoy clean hair. SO it may kill her and your husband but tell her not to wash her hair as often and it .... beauty treatments · school of pharmacy ...

Head Lice

I have known people who have put a little bit of product like mousse or gel in the child's hair before school. Also, baby oil works well. ...

Hair Help

She is mixed and has really really thick curly hair. ... I'm telling you it's been so great and I'd wish that I knew about this product when in high school. ...
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