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Keeping Cloth Diapers Soft

D.R. asks from Spokane

i'm wondering if anyone has tips on how to keep cloth diapers soft after many washings- i've been told fabric softeners are not safe for babies and i would like to us...


Cloth and Other Environmentally Friendly Diapers?

A.R. asks from Chattanooga

Hello all! I have a one year old still in diapers, my three year old is potty trained, but I am expecting another sometime next Summer. SO... I have always used dispo...


All in One Cloth Diapers

G.R. asks from Portland

I have a 11 month old that is already potty train except for naps and night time. I used cloth fitted diapers for nap time but I'm still using disposables for night t...


Questions About Cloth Diapers

A.G. asks from San Angelo

I have a son that is almost 2 and I am so tired of buying diapers. Can any one help me with cloth diapers(brand, style, where do you buy them, etc.) Also how do you k...


I Need Help with Cloth Diapers...

J.C. asks from Phoenix

I'm thinking about using cloth diapers for my baby due in Sept. but I don't know much about them. As in: What kind to buy? I see there are pre-fold diapers that I gue...


Thinking of Switching to Cloth Diapers

J.G. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Moms, I have a wonderful nine month old son. I am a SAHM with a husband who usually has a crazy busy schedule so alot of the time it is just my little man and me...


Starting over with Cloth Diapers

L.H. asks from Detroit

Hi moms! I am due with my second child in January and really want to use cloth diapers. I did with my first for about two months--not much. But this time, I'll be hom...


Considering Cloth Diapers

M.W. asks from Los Angeles

I am considering changing from disposable to cloth diapers with my 7 month old daughter in order to help the environment. But I am completely overwhelmed by the amou...


Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable?

A.W. asks from Seattle

I was wondering what you ladies thought of cloth diapers vs. disposables? I used Pampers with my first child and spent a fortune, especially the first several months...


Stinky Cloth Diapers

J.G. asks from Chicago

i love the cloth diapers that my son uses. They seem to wash up fine and i don't smell anything when I take them out of the dryer and fold them. But once they're on...

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